We ate our way through the Balaton uplands!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to take a vacation alone! We haven’t done this in years! I’m not saying we haven’t gone on holiday, but I don’t call the family holiday together holiday but rather giving a holiday, because that’s what it is! I wake up when they wake me up, I make breakfast, I make sure that everyone’s hydrated, has a towel, hat and bikini on the beach, doesn’t wade too deep, I accompany them to the bathroom and help extract any slivers. Besides that, if I have enough time to drink a coffee at a leisurely place and read a whole article in one go from a relevant magazine — that’s a huge success!


I wanted – we wanted – a holiday where we wake up, go to sleep and do what we want! Finally a few weeks ago we were able to make this happen and it was unforgettable. I still feel the effects! My husband and I went to the Balaton-uplands together with one goal, to slow down and recharge ourselves. We did whatever we wanted, and we weren’t rushed or stressed. My husband enlisted the grandmother and I took care of the program!


When we arrived, our first destination was Mi a kő. I like visiting these kinds of places without kids, so that I can really enjoy them. And this really happened! Because it was already chilly enough outside, I had duck, which is one of my favorites! The food was phenomenal. And the quiet fall Monday afternoon felt really good at Köveskálo. The Balaton-uplands have such a unique effect, for me (for us) it’s so easy to relax there. The scene, the air and the unparalleled starry sky slows me down as much as a nice walk down the révfülöp boardwalk.


Heni, the owner of Folqa, once wrote about the Szentgyörgy mountain, that whoever hasn’t seen the mountain yet, hasn’t yet seen the Balaton-uplands. This sentence has always stuck with me so much, that our first adventure led us there. From the top of the mountain, the splendid panorama was framed by basalt cliffs. The whole thing is a wonder! (Thanks Heni!)

On the next day, we climbed up the Hegyestű stairs, to wonder at the Káli-bay miraculous views from a new perspective! At the foot of the amazing, almost futuristic mountain one can find an interesting geological mini exhibition, which I think would make an amazing alternative to the traditional middle school science class geology chapter.


I’ve been following Kővirág‘s (stone flower) instagram for a while now. I love their imaginative foods, I love how they plate and the whole environment. You can’t leave this out! A few days before out visit we popped in to check out the place, and we had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Kata, the owner. I love when a relationship that started online stretches into a face-to-face meeting. It’s always a special moment. This was my moment. And when my husband and I went to eat lunch at Kővirág, he also benefitted from a special moment. We stepped into the restaurant, and before we even sat down to the table the waiter appeared, with whom my husband had worked for many years but didn’t get the chance to see often anymore. The whole lunch was spent reminiscing!

Our last adventure took us to the Kőtenger (Stone Sea). We checked out all of the amazing stones and were curious so we climbed up to the Ingókő (Balancing stone), but I wasn’t able to move it. To be fair, my fear of heights meant I wasn’t really trying at that point because I was too distracted by how high up I was! I was sure that someone would come around so I could see the stone move, but on a Wednesday morning this turned out not to be so realistic. I hope that when we return with the kids they’ll be able to move the stone!


Although the weather was very chilly, we recalled some summer memories with a bit of ice cream. I think one of the country’s best creamery’s is the Korzó creamery in füred. My favorite flavor at their place is the viennese cream!

We had a long walk at Balatonfüred and visited the Vaszary villa and saw the exhibition about the Vaszary family and their artistic pieces. There were paintings from Vaszary Janos, the painter’s, many phases. The most attractive for me were the ones that displayed the world of vacationing swimmers, and his Italian trips. The vivid colors appeal to my own color world and it’s rare to see these pairings in the world of fine art. Talaber Gyula’s paintings of Balaton were also on temporary display in the building. These were also very exciting. In today’s world of digital photography, it’s so good to look at pictures that were caught on film and developed by hand. Their technical imperfection reflects real feelings, especially if one reads the thoughts next to each piece.


Our friends suggested the bone marrow toast at Gyulakeszi, where we stopped after the Szentgyorgy tour and had some amazing food. My other friend is also always talking about Hatlépcső, where she spent many dawns after sailing parties. We didn’t leave this out either and we weren’t disappointed. I really loved the spices at Hatlépcsős, and it’s definitely worth a try with a wine spritzer and veggies!

This vacation was the perfect end to the summer, and I was able to return to my year end tasks with new energy. It won’t be the last one like this, because it’s so good to be together and rest as well!

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