Waiting For Spring Outfit

I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but I can’t wait for Spring! Especially because there was barely a Winter around our parts. That real Winter I mean, with snowy cold, where you can enjoy a great snowball fight in warm boots and gloves. I’ve given up by now. This year we won’t have something like this, so in the meantime I’m welcoming Spring!

I’m always unpacking my Spring clothes and wearing ever lighter colors, then covering them with my winter coat. The gray mornings are the hardest right now. I’d like to bring some color into them, but it’s still a bit early for floral pastels. I’m longing for a blue sky instead of gray. Brighter mornings. That’s why I made up this outfit, so that, if the weather doesn’t, at least I will radiate Spring vibes.

The whole thing is planned around the color light blue. I like these casual, but still blouse-like tops, they’re feminine and they cover you where you need it. I have a lot of tops like this. They’re practical and comfortable. I wear a light jacket instead of a blazer, and it matches perfectly with these Vagabond loafers. I love Vagabond shoes. They’re minimal and stylish. It’s easy to pair them with anything, and they’re ridiculously comfortable. For accessories, I always choose from Hungarian designers. Today I chose a silk scarf from silkandmore and an annamariapap bag. The whole outfit is brought together perfectly with my favorite bold.color.glass ring, the MONO+, of course in light blue!


1. Light-blue blouse – €9 – hm

2. Motorcycle jacket – €13.90 – FandF

3. AIR silkworm scarf – €48 Ft – silkandmore

4. Buket purse – €132 – annamariapap

5. Light-blue MONO+ ring – €30 – bold.color.glass

6. Vagabond SALLY loafer – €54.95 – vagabond

7. Colorful print pants – €12 – zara


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