#UJB February: Love Is in the Air

This past month has been a big one in terms of plants for me. And when I say big I mean that quite literally. I’ve welcomed a formidable Monstera to the flock, and finally mounted my staghorn to the wall, thanks in large part to this tutorial. The bromeliad babe is also not too small to begin with, but one does hope he will grow to be even bigger :)…like in the movies! As I look around my place and take in the growing green family, I smile and think some day my dreams of creating an indoor jumanji will finally be realized!


This month Urban Jungle Bloggers challenged us to show our favorite hanging planters for our indoor greens. And yes, while green love is definitely in the air at mi casa, apart from the mounted stag horn I realized that none of my plants were actually in the air…

My macrame kit is still gathering dust on the sill as I write this, despite my ambitious start in creating retro chic hanging planters. I absolutely love the resurgence of this trend, but I’m really still struggling to make my plant holders look more like these and less like a cobweb.

ujb feb

Thankfully, despite the amateur macrame planters, the solution for this month’s UJB was still very clear to me and Zsuzsi. A few months ago I was introduced to the awesome Hungarian brand Petite Planet that creates an amazing range of botanical treats — including hanging ones!

ujb feb

Petite Planet founder Gergely Hideg started creating Kokedama as a hobby, teaching himself with the almighty resource of The Internet. He soon found that people liked them. They really, really liked them. Working by day as a sociologist, and spending his free time with his family and plant creations, he built up his brand over the past year. Now, he has a formidable collection of green givings, and Budapestians can visit the shop and eyeball the Wabi ball beauties, aquaterrariums, and other green curiosities for themselves. Luckily for those that love kokedama but don’t live in Budapest, there is also a great website and webshop where anyone can order creations that ship internationally.

ujb feb

When Zsuzsi and I went to visit and pick out some pieces, it was pretty much love at first sight. The apartment is a mini tropical paradise, with the prepared moss and finished kokedamas giving a lovely green scent to the air, and even two colorful parrots zipping around the place!

ujb feb

Gergely’s curiosity and knowledge about the topic was impressive, and it was a treat to see him in action — wandering through the plants, tending them here and there as he talked about his process, his story, and his own creative solutions ;). Luckily, he admits that he tends to get bored of doing the same thing after a while…so we can expect new innovative creations from the team in the future!

We can’t recommend the experience enough for those passing through Budapest and interested in seeing something beautifully creative, and buying a living souvenir of the city. ujb feb

For this month’s UJB I decided to test my indoor copper lighting and hang them off the exposed pipes — thank goodness it worked!

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  1. I so love your kokedama styling! You are the only ones who actually used kokedama for this month’s topic! Thank you for joining in!

  2. I love kokedama. Will be teaching myself how to make one soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Zsuzsi says:

    Igor thanks to your presentation at MTBAMS!

    Barbara! Go for it, they are so much fun!

  4. Yayyyy the first (and only so far!) Kokedama hangers this months! That shop sounds really amazing, with the parrots and jungle feeling. You should write about that some day! Thank you for playing along again ladies!

  5. We’re pretty much addicted now :). Next step is to DIY! Although, we certainly hope to work together with Petite Planet again in the future! Thanks for visiting Judith!


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