#UJB January: Coffee and Plants

I’ve never been attracted to urban gardening before. I’ve always thought, let’s not make an iron wheel out of a tree, whoever needs a garden should start one in the country. We live in a suburb with a small garden, and then we have our place with a larger garden and fruit trees in the Balaton Uplands. This is all a part of outdoor gardening. And I like these as they are.


But I’ve never been able to keep plants at home. I’ve never been great with plants, I think I just haven’t been good enough to them. My orchids only bloom I think because we have an amazing nanny who waters and cares for them. But in October at the Meet the Blogger conference, I heard a fantastic presentation about indoor gardening. Beautiful flowers in beautiful interiors. I was quite taken with the presentation that Judith and Igor gave. They’re not just indoor gardeners, and don’t just tell stories about it, but are also constantly building an online community called Urban Jungle Bloggers. Their goal is to encourage people to grow and care for plants at home. Every month they announce a topic, and every interested blogger can show them what they think about the topic.

January’s topic was plants and coffee. I love to have coffee, so this wasn’t too hard for me. And today during coffee I was dreaming of Spring. A few weeks ago my potted narcissus began to bloom, and I brought it in to save it from the freezing temperatures. And last week, my amaryllis also stuck out it’s first green leaves in the garage, I planted her and she got a spot among the rest of the flowers. Now I’m focused on caring for them properly. This is an important skill as well!




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  1. Love the rosé buttercup :-)

  2. Thanks Nina!

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