The Summer Cottage Bedroom Renovation

The sole room in the Balaton wine cellar doesn’t hold many variable possibilities within itself. But I still felt like it could use a little facelift. First I thought about changing out the PVC panelling on the side, but with an eye on the budget, we put this idea on the backburner and went for a cheaper, but equally creative solution.


After doing some research on little cottages on the ever-handy Pinterest, I found a few miraculous occasions where the wooden ceiling was painted white! I got it! I thought immediately, this is what I’m going to do. Because the space is quite low at our place, max 240cm high. The raw wood was attached to the frame at the time, in a color strongly reminiscent of an ’80s style vacation cottage — perfectly functional, but not a bit esthetically pleasing. I thought, if I painted it white it would give the place a lot of positive help. Not only would the space grow, but the exaggerated retro-vacation feeling would also be minimized at the same time. And next to all of this, the white wash would bring another great result. The current brown-white-brown sandwich, aka the wood colored PVC, white wall, and natural wood panelling would be replaced by a uniform, white space, where the colorful furniture could come to life!


Festéket az OBI-ban találtam, ahol a festékosztályon egy bűbájos hölgy dolgozott és nagyon sokat segített nekem a festék és a megfelelő ecset kiválasztásában, a mennyiség meghatározásában.

I found paint at OBI, where a charming woman in the paint aisle helped me a lot with choosing the right paint, tools and amount.


A few days later, as the workers were busy in the kitchen, I thought to myself, what a great time to paint the panelling. The whole thing looked pretty easy, but I promise, painting above my head really tested my mettle. If a friend hadn’t accompanied me on the 3 day adventure, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. (Thanks Reka!)


On the bedside table you can find: Flow Magazine, Turbuk Ági felt!, and a Marina Marinski ceramic from NoKoncept webshop.


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