The Perfect Souvenir From Budapest!

It started last summer, although silk isn’t really meant for the summer, but that was when the idea came to create something together with Borody Kriszta, silk painter, and founder of silk&more. During the first consultation, we just talked colors. Kriszta brought hers, and I brought mine. We put them together, and that many ideas were born.


Silkandmore designing phase

We decided on three color pairs: classic red-black, the signature pink-gray, and Kriszta’s purple-lime combination. Then everyone went about their own work. Kriszta called me up at one point, and suggested the scarf be Budapest-themed, because the geometry of the city would be so I liked the idea. Kriszta got to work on the silks, and I got to work on the glass.


After a few weeks, we got together again. Like a mosaic, the picture slowly started coming together. A Budapest themed scarf, with two glass scarf rings. Variable in a million different ways. A beautiful silk scarf and an amazing souvenir, all in one. “The perfect souvenir!” noted one of my resellers. I’m proud of it, and I’m proud that some visitors will have the chance to take home silk&more and silk scarves, instead of ‘fake matyó’ tablecloths!


Find all of the color combinations here!

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