The LOOP Sterling Silver Collection Is Here!

A circle is constant circulation: there is no beginning and no end. It’s the perfect geometric shape, where one can discover at once meticulous precision and artistic abstraction. It’s an old and oft used motif for jewelry, and now this ancient symbol is reflected as a modern interpretation in the newest jewelry line, the LOOP sterling silver earring.

LOOP earrings aren’t ostentatious but still they’re charismatic, expressing timelessness and modernity in an irrefutable statement. This piece looks just as good on a college party girl as it does on a serious businesswoman. It’s a harmonic accessory for a blazer, a pleated skirt, jeans and knit sweaters alike. It conforms to the the given trends, while at the same time goes one step beyond them: They could be grandmother’s heritage, but because of their timelessness they will be just as trendy in 5, 10 or even 20 years as they are today. The earrings come in 26 different colors, bright Summer colors (sunny yellow, mint and pea green) and classic red, burgundy, emerald, indigo and black.
…And there’s a twist in the classic silver collection! Circles have appeared in past collections, in the form of the fragil chain medallion. The elegant, clean yet refined piece was such a hit that I was inspired to create a matching pair of earrings. The medallion will now join LOOP earrings in that collection, and the fragil rings will run under the fragil/LOOP name, as they match perfect with both fragil and LOOP pieces.
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  1. beth says:

    I love the style of these they look like boutique jewellery which I love, so unusual.

  2. Thanks Beth!

  3. wow great collection of silver jewellery. i appreciate it.

  4. thank you Sonal! your collections are quite exquisite as well! :)

  5. Hey Reka,

    Stumbled on your blog when I was researching some jewelry trends. I love your site!! Nice to read what you have to say and your pictures are awesome. Great job :). I love your style :).

    I have a hand stamped online jewelry store and Etsy shop, so its nice to have some fresh ideas – thanks for the inspiration! :)


  6. Thanks Vesna!

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