The 6 Best Women’s Photographer Bags

I don’t like the waterproof canvas bags that you typically find at photography stores. They’re way too slovenly for women. There’s nothing charming or classy about them! For years I struggled to find a chic bag for my camera and equipment. I was looking for one that was cute, affordable and weatherproof. Of course it was hard to find a piece that met all three requirements, but I finally found a few promising options.

When you’re buying a bag, pay close attention to the sizes. These bags look like typical women’s reticules, but they have to be a bit bigger to safely store a DSLR camera! Little photo bags are like wooden metal rings. They don’t exist!

In this blogpost I’ve collected all of the bags I found during the search, so that you can see what the options are as well!


1. Gracie – JoTotes– $79 – on sale
My personal choice! I’ve been using this bag for years, I pack it up at the beginning of summer and wear it every day. During the year I use it when I’m traveling, for example I always take it with me to The Hive conference. It has tons of little pockets for the small things. My lipstick, tissues and all of the little tidbits fit perfectly in it. There’s a small phone pocket on the backside, which is protective but still saves you from having to dig through the entire bag if it rings!

2. Abby – JoTotes – $69 – on sale

This bag is appealing because it’s smaller than the Gracie but completely perfect for DSLRs and your personal things. This would be a perfect coupling next to my raspberry colored photo bag for small trips or urban photography.

3. Chelsea – ONA – $369

A real classic! It’s minimal, feminine, and endlessly elegant. The cost of this piece is significantly higher than the previous ones, mainly because it’s made of real leather. Italian saffiano leather is a natural material tanned in a very specific way, which makes it scratch and water resistant.

4. Ali Edwards Stone – EpiphanieBags – $249

Ali Edwards is a storytelling scrapbooker. I really love her style, it’s clean but complex. She doesn’t just focus on how the pictures look, but also on what the message is. This is the bag that she co-designed with Epiphanie, according to hers, and many other photographers, needs. This bag is just as precise as her! Of all of them, this one is the most feminine. It’s perfect with jeans, but also with a cute dress! It’s available in three colors: beige, gray and powder pink.

5. <strong>Cologne – <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Pompidou</a></strong>– €248 (in EURO!)

For lovers of color, this bag is the best choice. It’s available in a variety of bright colors and compared to the rest it’s a bit smaller, if you can say such a thing, because a DSLR cameras protective bag shouldn’t usually boast minuscule proportions!

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>6. <strong>Brownlee – <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Kelly Moore Bags</a></strong> – $199

This bag resembles the Gracie a bit, but it’s wider. This one will fit a larger, professional camera as well as a telephoto lens! I don’t like to send my camera in a cabin bag because I was of course afraid of it getting banged up. This bag is perfect for plane rides, because everything fits into it — both personal and camera related, like phones, wallets, make-up and a few odds and ends. My other big favorite from Kelly Moore is also this smaller B-Hobo bag!
Ez a táska nekem nagyon hasonlít a Gracie-re, de annál szélesebb. Ebbe belefér egy nagyobb, markolatos, professzionális gép is teleobjektívekkel! Én utazáskor semmiképpen nem szeretem a fényképezőgépemet a feladandó csomagomba tenni, hiszen féltem. Ez a táska tökéletes repülős utakra, hiszen belefér miniden, ami a gépemhez szükséges és a személyes dolgaim is, mint  telefon, pénztárca, smink és néhány apróság. Kelly Mooretól egyébként még nagy kedvencem a kisebb B-Hobo táska is!

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