Summer Outfit for A Long Weekend

Due to public demand, I’ve brought back the panyizsuzsi 100 outfits series, where I put together my own pieces, or ieces that can be found or ordered in Hungary.majus_2015_szett_eng

I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but I can’t wait for the long weekend, when my family and I will visit Balaton. In my mind I’ve already started packing. This outfit was the fruit of my plans. It includes notes of sunshine, a dash of relaxation and even a few real trends. I can already imagine wearing this set to an afternoon ice cream or a walk on the pier.

Behold, the trends:


Wherever I look, yellow is always staring back at me. Hungarian brands and international designers are using it just as much as fast fashion brands. By now I’ve really come to love the color, it’s full of sunshine and light. Get dressed in a bit of spring!


It’s the renaissance of comfortable slippers. I wore tons of these in my childhood. In the past few years I keep them for home life. Now they’ve made a comeback from the ‘awkward’ category. My favorite brand is Birkenstock. I’ve been wearing my Madrids for quite a few years, but this year I’m planning to add a new piece to the collection as well! Now I’m on the hunt for banded, black and white platforms.

Bucket Bags

This bucket thing is kind of weird for me. But despite the strange trend, the fashion is completely functional, and great as a packing back, for everyday but also for festivals.


The Native American accents are back. Last year tons of clothes and tops were covered in fringe as well, but this year they have made it all the way to the bags. Be it a cute evening clutch or a ‘bucket bag.’

Bevásárló lista:

1. Beige chino  short – $24.95 – HM

2. Black stretch top – $5.95 – HM

3. Yellow striped cardigan – régebbi HM, hasonló itt Walmart

4. Black DROP earrings – $45 –

5. Yellow short fragil chain necklace  – 12.500 Ft – panyizsuzsi

6. LANCOME Hypnose Drama Waterproof – $ 27.50 – Lancome

7. Fringed leather bucket bag– EUR 185 – annamariapapp

8.  Black Birckenstock Madrid – $ 69.95– Birkenstock

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