I’ve Joined the Team!

In the past half year, I’ve fallen in love with a new hobby. I discovered planners on Instagram, and while I was looking for stickers for them I stumbled upon Scrapbooks, and from there to the Project Life method, which makes it easy to save memories by matching pictures with decorated stickers and colored cards.
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DIY – Flower wreaths for your home

Besides not having completely finished by scrapbook album for the holidays, the season is basically over. Carnival is coming up fast, and for the ball season, but this time is so short for me that my mind is already on Spring.
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The 6 Best Women’s Photographer Bags

I don’t like the waterproof canvas bags that you typically find at photography stores. They’re way too slovenly for women. There’s nothing charming or classy about them! For years I struggled to find a chic bag for my camera and equipment. I was looking for one that was cute, affordable and weatherproof. Of course it was hard to find a piece that met all three requirements, but I finally found a few promising options. [Read more…]

Wildflower Bar in Budapest

One of my goals on the bucket list I published at the beginning of the year was to always have fresh cut flowers on the dinner table. I’m holding myself to that. Sometimes I buy a bouquet at the florist, sometimes I pick up something from the old lady sitting at the roundabout, and if I’m completely out of time, I run out and bring in a few stems from outside. Candles and flowers really dress up the table, turn the house into a home and create a good atmosphere when we sit down and eat together around them. It’s good to talk to each other this way!
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Week-end with my dorm girl

It’s a big responsibility to be the mother of a boarding school kid. Last year we had a taste of this, but it didn’t include trips home every weekend. My oldest daughter just started boarding school, and she comes home every week — we’re really happy to see each other, but this has completely restructured my weekends. One could say, they’ve completely disappeared, but I’m quite committed to creating a liveable weekend system. Now we’re in the learning phase.
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