One Little Word

Ever since I started scrapbooking, I’ve started following tons of Hungarian and international pages about the hobby. One of these is Ali Edwards, who holds classes regularly as well. I wanted to learn more about my hobby, so I subscribed to one of lesser-intensity courses for the whole year, called One Little Word.
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Apacuka: Ceramics From a Marriage

  • What’s the first thing that you created in your life that you remember to this day?

Judit: In elementary school we had a handicrafts class every two weeks. We tried all different techniques: weaving, embroidering, felting, ceramics and more. I made a bag out of tights, and a tiny doll out of textile. Mara neni, who was our teacher, has visited us with her girls many times since then at our ceramics workshop.
Gábor: LEGO. :) It’s such a creative and inspiring game. After a while, it’s not enough to follow the little instruction booklet, and then your “intuition” takes over. [Read more…]

I’m not perfect: on Ridikül

Yesterday the Ridikül that I was also a guest on aired. I couldn’t wait for the show, I was curious to see what it would be like to watch it (after all, I already knew how it felt to be on it)! I watched the whole thing this morning, because we don’t have a TV, and my afternoon are largely about the kids. It was a really great experience! But I won’t write a summary about it, and would rather encourage you to watch it!
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Waiting For Spring Outfit

I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but I can’t wait for Spring! Especially because there was barely a Winter around our parts. That real Winter I mean, with snowy cold, where you can enjoy a great snowball fight in warm boots and gloves. I’ve given up by now. This year we won’t have something like this, so in the meantime I’m welcoming Spring!
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A peek into Apacuka’s ceramic studio

Are you intrigued by the Apacuka studio? Stay tuned for a full-length interview with the couple behind the crockery coming soon!

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