One Little Word

Ever since I started scrapbooking, I’ve started following tons of Hungarian and international pages about the hobby. One of these is Ali Edwards, who holds classes regularly as well. I wanted to learn more about my hobby, so I subscribed to one of lesser-intensity courses for the whole year, called One Little Word.


The point of the course is to choose a word for the year, as a personal motto. Ali sends different tasks each month to create around the word. There’s two sides to the concept! The first is for people to look inside themselves, and reflect on where they are spiritually. The second dimension, is to commit and document these thoughts and feelings with the help of a scrapbook. This kind of spiritual and creative work is really important and inspirational for me. I know that many of you think that my whole day is spent with creative work, and that’s so, but it’s still work. This, on the other hand, is free creation, without limits. It involves dreaming, which recharges me, inspires me and provokes new ideas!


My word is SPARKLE! I want to sparkle this year! What does that mean for me? I simply want to feel great in my own skin. I would like to look good and be healthy (and not slide down the slippery slope of 40!), I’d like to enjoy life’s little moments, be it a coffee, a great conversation, or a new lipstick. I’d like to enjoy my work and it’s fruits. I’d like to spend time in the Balaton-uplands, resting, reading and renovating our vacation home. I don’t think it’s anything extra!…but still, these tiny, important things need to be in my life to make it sparkle!


Those who follow my Instagram, have seen bits and pieces of my OLW album. Now I’d like to introduce to you my March project. This month, the project was to create a collage from magazine and newspaper pictures and words. Besides this, I needed only two materials for the project: a 30×40 canvas and glue — so I think you guys can easily take on this task as well!


First I chose the pictures. I chose the ones that characterized sparkle, or ones that were important to me! I packed together the newspapers that I had at home where there were pictures of drawings, and tore them out, then cut the edges clean in the studio. I arranged these on the canvas, and when I had found the perfect arrangement, I glued them on. Then I created the sparkle line. I wrote the word on a sheet of paper with a marker. (Ok, I’ll admit it, I wrote the word down 50 times with different tools.) I took a picture of my favorite version, enlarged it, and cut it out with gold paper with my Silhouette Cameo. I placed it on the photo background and then arranged and glued the rest of the words around it. At the end, the sparkle line was placed on top, that I fixed on with little sticky heart pieces to give the whole arrangement some plasticity!


Ez a motivációs tábla mostantól itt áll az asztalomon. Ha a laptopomtól felpillantok, rögtön előttem van. Nekem fontos ez, hiszen így júniusban sem fogom elfelejteni az idei vágyaimat céljaimat, mert minden egyes szó,nak jelentősége van és emlékeztetni fog valamire.

From now on, this motivational moodboard is standing at the ready on my table. If I look up from my laptop, it’s immediately in front of me. This is important, because I won’t forget my goals for the year, even in June, because each word has a distinct meaning and will remind me of something.

The task was awesome, thanks Ali!

What is your word this year? Share with us in the comments section!


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