My Wine Cellar Cottage Inspirational Moodboard

Last year I didn’t write much about the basement. At the time, so much was happening in our life that the time I spent there wasn’t filled with renovation, but rather just chilling out. It’s not a race. The reason we got a vacation place was so that we would have a space where we could escape from the weekday grind. This year we got started on the “vacation home revamp” well rested and ready to go!

This is kind of my second household that I’m furnishing with minimal infrastructure, but still aesthetically and comfortably. It’s important that the renovation and refurbishment should be as cost-effective as possible. I’m always gathering ideas and thinking about how I can magic our wine cellar in the Balaton Uplands into a beautiful and comfortable, low-cost nook. I collect my inspirations on Pinterest boards. I have a separate board for inspirations, DIY ideas, and fireplaces, and I also created a shopping wishlist as well. Follow me on Pinterest to get a sneak peek into my future plans! These are the ideas that I mix my own solutions from!


The first thing that I determined was the color palette. Who am I kidding, I have to start with colors. I didn’t have to start from zero, because you may remember that we bought the cellar along with its own colorful furniture, that I’m definitely going to keep. So the color palette in the room was built off of these colors. I chose gold as a secondary color, for good reason. For years I hated gold as a color, and as jewelry. But then I inherited my grandmother’s venetian mirror, which spoke to me for some reason, so I placed it in the living room. I got used to it, then I slowly fell in love with the color and by now I’m a gold maniac. So for the metallic color in the cottage I chose gold!


The second thing that I chose was the theme. We call this cottage the Balaton lakehouse, but it might not hurt to clarify that it opens onto a 10 km long Balaton panorama. So today’s trendy waterside cottage atmosphere would probably be a bit strange coupled with the fruit tree orchard and hillside grapevines. I looked for inspiration in our immediate surroundings. I hesitated for a long time between fruits and forest animals, but when it comes to the rooms I stuck with animals.


After I made these decisions I began making a moodboard, an inspirational collage, to show you where my thoughts are at the moment!

And now for the work to start! During the refurbishment phase, I’m doing a lot of the work myself, and ourselves with the family, and we’re resorting to a professional only when we have no other choice. So don’t think of a huge construction right now, but rather a collection of DIY projects that I’ll be documenting on the blog until fall, with the continuation coming in Spring! It will probably be this way for many years to come!


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