Modern jewelry studio: my attic

I start every year with a wish. I write it in my blog. These wishes always come true by the last day of the year. It was the same in 2011. I wish to have a studio at home in our attic. I grew out the old one.

I wanted to work from home to save time, gas and traffic stress. I think my kids are too small for me working at an other location. I like it this way.

2011 started with the design process. I did my degree in architecture and my best friend still works as an architect. first I collected several inspiration photos and talked a lot about the glass fusing process. We did the planning part together. I love the way she works. The construction took place in the summer, when wee mooved out and renowated the rest of the house. Mooving was no fun at all. I had to think about my new studio ever day to hanle the mooving.

The brand ha two major colors. White and pink. We used these two colors for my studio. I need lots of white. This makes spaces big and light. I have been collecting pink things for the new studio for a year. Like these ikea bins. We put the orders being processed in these little bins.

I als collected retro stuff, like theese selving. 30 years ago you could find these selving consols in every single appartment. Nowdays retro lovers use them like me. I added a little twist by painting them pink. The first aid cabintet was from the local ebay. It must have been a WWII. thing. I painted them too! The clock was a present from my Hubby, who handled really well the whole mooving, construction and ect.mess. Thanks a lot!

A padlásmesék nem érnek még véget, mert az elmúlt hetek történéseiről hamarosan blogbejegyzéseket írok!

Fotó: OGM

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