Lime-Green Waiting for Spring Outfit


It’s Spring and not even just a little bit! Since Thursday the sun is shining and it’s warm!

My hortensia is taking root: I’m going to feed it properly this year so that it doesn’t yield only small flowers. As I went out into my garden yesterday and saw the roots, they were a beautiful shade of light green. Exactly like the lime color that I love to wear in the Spring!

And for myself, I’ve been wearing dresses evermore recently. I like them — they’re comfortable, practical and feminine. My TATUUM dresses are my favorite. They are completely simple and therefore totally pairable with any accessories, but there’s also always a twist in them, something special. Their material is of a great quality. I have a few pieces from them and I’ve been wearing them (and tearing them) for years!

Behold, a wonderfully cheerful set for such a wonderfully Spring month!


1. Tatuum jean dress – cca. 48€ – tatuum

2. Lime MONO+ ring – 15€ – panyizsuzsi

3. BigHug leather purse – 176€ – lengyelzsuzsi

4. Moksha necklace – 17€ – panyizsuzsi

5. Gray snakeskin slippers – 19€ – deichmann

6. Gray belt – 7€ – kalapod


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  1. Very nice spring outfit of girls

  2. lovely post !!! good that you are sharing it !!! great going and keep posting like this !!!

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