Leave a stamp on the world — with your own stamp!

I’m a real techy girl. I like all sorts of technical developments, I like if my phone is capable of certain functions and I use these too. My wishlist always contains some sort of gear, like the MINC gold foil machine, or the Silhouette plotter or cutting machine, that can cut almost anything out of different materials. And here we have arrived to the paper. Since I started making calendars and scrapbooks, paper became important to me, and everything that has to do with paper. Especially calligraphy, stickers and stamps.


Not too long ago, I was invited to a stamp making course. Judith, from Atristamp, I know from long ago, my daughters also ordered exlibris stamps from her already. But the idea that I could design and create my own stamp was really attractive, so of course I immediately accepted the invitation.


Saturday morning I set off for the course, held at HelloAnyu (HelloMom). I had two graphics in my bag, that aligned to Judith’s instructions on size and detail! About 10 of us gathered in the small classroom, and next to a mug of tea and some pastries, Judith told her own story of how she began to create stamps and what was going to happen that morning. She introduced her tools and the materials, and then everyone started making stamps.


I took one word and one graphic, two defining details of my 2016. The first is ‘sparkle,’ my theme for the year, and the second is the logo of my old-new website, makgubo — which is a poppy seed! These are the two things I’d like to stamp in a lot of places a lot of times. These are the two things that will leave a mark on me, not just on paper, but in my year!



The spoken word has a lot of meaning! But I still believe in the written word the most. Whatever is important to me, that I’d like to achieve, I always write down. And stamps are even one step above writing. Whatever someone makes a stamp out of, they’ll be applying to paper many times and that will stay there without mercy.
Check out Judiths stamp making workshop and spend a lovely Saturday morning there!


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  1. wao great to see the unique idea of making your own seal :) looking forward for the same with different design and look :)

  2. Thanks Sanjeev!

  3. Maria says:

    I was taught how to do this years ago and it turned out amazing! It’s great to see the word getting spread.

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