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To be honest, for a long time I kind of watched Instagram from afar, and posted a few pictures here and there. Somehow I never found it that exciting. In the most recent past however, I’ve found quite a few inspiring Instagrammers, that post incredible pictures. I started following them, and began clicking the Instagram icon on my phone with a bit more regularity. And soon I began to notice that I was posting more pictures. My Instagram is not the same as my Facebook or Pinterest. Each channel has its own type of content, and I share different things on them all. My Instagram is definitely my most personal channel: the here and now moments of my life. You can find pictures of my work, my weekdays and my time with my family on this channel.


There are a lot of sights and sounds online. People with perfect bodies, perfect outfits and families, with the most perfect smiles on their faces in, of course, the most exquisite interiors. From the outside it may seem like a desired state, but often the whole thing is put on, like a show on a stage. I’m not like this, and neither is my world. My life is not perfect, in fact it’s pretty everyday, in it’s own good way. There are endless bureaucratic procedures, fights and make-up discussions, shampoo shortages, lost and forgotten things. I think all of this is human and I think my followers on Insta know that I’m also just a person, despite the fact that I’m not always sharing play-by-plays of my less successful moments. They’re not worth the effort of posting, because I’m not really keen on remembering them.


I’ll stay the same way I always have been on my Instagram. Here things won’t be perfect, but I’ll try to find the good and beautiful in it. I’ll show you my everyday life and the beautiful moments it contains, those that I often pass without a second thought. But if I take a second look, and really hunt out those moments, they’re really there. In a delicious coffee, a tidy desk, a few jewelries placed next to each other, and that much more. These are the moments we all look for, and these are the moments that are worth commemorating with one click and saving for life, because these are the most valuable ones.


This is how I started Instagramming for a real for the past few months. I’m going to make the most of my everyday moments. InStyle also noticed this and recommended my account in their magazine. Thanks InStyle!

If you are also curious about my posts, follow my Instagram and if you’re wearing panyizsuzsi jewelry, don’t forget to tag #panyizsuzsi next to your #selfie!


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