I’m not perfect: bold.color.glass on Ridikül

Yesterday the Ridikül that I was also a guest on aired. I couldn’t wait for the show, I was curious to see what it would be like to watch it (after all, I already knew how it felt to be on it)! I watched the whole thing this morning, because we don’t have a TV, and my afternoon are largely about the kids. It was a really great experience! But I won’t write a summary about it, and would rather encourage you to watch it!


Anyways, I’d much rather write about the topic, that’s been kicking up a lot of dust!

Many people see motherhood and having a career as two completely unaligned things. Like fire and water. Two life challenges that one simply can’t accomplish at once. I think the opposite, that you can! BUT! I also realize that not everyone wants that. For some, the dream is to raise kids and unify the family. I agree that this alone is a very serious and exacting challenge. And there’s nothing wrong with it! There are others who prioritize their careers with or without kids. This is also a choice! And finally there are women like me, with tons of energy, who need a little bit of both. A few years ago we were the odd ones out, but lately it’s an become increasingly accepted, and even exemplary lifestyle!

In this post I don’t intend to cast my vote next to either lifestyle choice, but I did do so in my own life! I think the most important thing is for everyone to calibrate their life to their own needs, wants and desires, and to live intentionally on the path they would like to follow. I hope that everyone is able to progress on the road that’s really theirs!

I chose a combination of things. I’m not saying it’s harder or easier for me than it is for others! I don’t want to convince anyone of its validity! There are highs and lows to this lifestyle as there are for all the others. This is just what rounds my life out personally!

But I am really happy to help others learn about how I did it, and how I manage my weekdays and my business. Why wouldn’t I share what works with me? Especially since this life brings me happiness! There have always been and always will be posts about this on the blog, but these days I’ve resurrected a long hibernating, but always loved project, called mákgubó, where I write about how I created my brand! After all I’m just a girl next door who brought it to life! My brand is 9 years old and my business is 7, with great success, mostly online. I have over 650 products in my webshop, 2 part-time employees in the studio, and over 25,000 people read my blog every month. All of this started with just 4.000HUF and next to 4 kids! … Now you guys know that I’m not perfect, but I do enjoy my life! And you can make your dream happen as well! Read and ask on mákgubó!


I’d like to congratulate the Ridikül staff! It’s not my first time on TV, but this instance was an exceptionally great experience. I’ve never met such a professional team! The precision was apparent from the preparation through to the execution, the pre-interview, clothes coordination, even the parking was all accounted for by the producers! I got my own changing room, hairdresser and make-up artist to pretty me up before the show. I always knew exactly what to do and where to go. And Gabi was extremely well-versed in the topic. She put aside template questions and opted for interesting, relevant questions delivered with humor and a lot of laughs.

Thanks for the opportunity!


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