I Thought I Knew How to Cook!

I love to cook. I’m a solid cook and baker, as my family and guests tell me. I’m really proud that experienced guests also compliment my food, who have ate across half of the world, at some pretty good restaurants. So I’m pretty proud of myself…Or I was. I never thought I had to go to a cooking course. But then as it happened, one of my children is gluten sensitive and I got scared about what I was going to cook?! Google immediately showed me the way. in the past two years I’ve cooked and baked quite a few times at the Miele Cooking School. These lessons helped me a lot in helping me better my daughter’s gastronomic world, and give her the chance to enjoy a full life while continuing to put bread, hamburger, or challah on the table. After that point I closed the cooking school question in my life.


A few weeks ago however, I was invited to Meatlover’s night at Miele. I love meat, and preparing it, so I was happy to oblige. But I wasn’t counting on the fact that the night would hold a lot of new information for me.



Before we got down to cooking, we took part in a little meat education. We learned about what we were going to make with which ingredients, and Sanyi the chef showed us how to clean and cut meat. Throughout the night we used premium meat cuts, steak and lamb ribs. Preparing these isn’t an every day thing, and I probably won’t be cooking these on a regular weekday. But they’re perfect for a family event and now I’ll be happy to prepare a special menu to a professional standard.

First we prepared beef tatar, where we learned that the meat isn’t supposed to be ground, especially not twice, but rather cut up into tiny bits. I didn’t really believe it at first, but let me tell you, the end result was amazing!



After that, we made hamburgers to slide into homemade bread, and this we could now grind. As it turns out, I complicate things at home, and I actually need to use about half of the ingredients in the burgers than I do. Cheddar and gouda work the best in the flavor world of cheeseburgers.



The third course was my favorite, with rosemary lamb ribs. (I experimented with this food once in my life, but they cheated me at the butcher, and my experiment was quickly a failure!) But now I know where to buy meat and what to look for, and also how to clean and cut it. From now on the whole thing is child’s play!





At this point, we started to get completely full, but there were still two more courses to go! The second last course consisted of little sausages, that reminded me of childhood pig slaughters in Bekescsaba, where we prepared cigankas as well, according to local tradition!





The fifth, and last course was steak. Here we got a lot of useful tips about seasoning and marinating the meat properly, which contained a lot of new information for me. Check out the video!






Completely full and inspired, I returned home and now I’m a bit unsure about my expertise in the kitchen. I still have a lot to learn — and I intend to!








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