Hello March!

Hello March, I’ve been waiting for you!


It will finally be Spring…Not as if there was a real winter, but it’s still good that you came!

February was amazing. We had a great week with my husband and two-year-old. We traveled to Paris. We rested. We visited museums. Classical and modern. We walked and slept. We haven’t been anywhere as a couple in three years, so we were ready for this. Personally, I need to travel away from home to really relax, a big reason might be that my home and studio are in the same location. If I’m home, there’s no stopping or even pausing…If an idea comes to me during the day, I have to go upstairs and draw it. Same goes if I accidentally forgot something. In the morning the kiln whistles to signal that it’s ready. Although it’s true, I’ve only woken to this once. My thoughts went into motion at once. It whistled which means it’s done. What time is it? 3 in the morning. Why did it whistle so early? I could barely fall back sleep. I checked it out in the morning, and it turns out it was broken. I’m scheduling time with the repairman today!

But this doesn’t dim the glow from our Paris holiday in the least. It was good, there’s no doubt about it. I photographed a bunch. I’m processing them now, and soon I’ll show them to you. I’ll have quite a few posts and even a video about our trip!

After the rest, I returned to work with renewed energy. I started cleaning up my life and my studio. A nice big spring cleaning. It’s not done yet, but I’m getting far with it. Since I’ve had my attic studio, for four years now, I’ve never done such a detailed cleaning of it. It’s asking for it by now. Old things and unfinished thoughts are coming to light.

Other projects are underway as well. Soon the LIMES plate boxes will be ready. Last week I received the samples for new bold.color.glass metal mounts, and they are positively glowing! Here they are on my table, and to be honest I can barely pick my favorite out of them myself. Everything is so exciting.

Today in my half-cleaned studio I sat down to draw. First, I just wanted to write something for this post, but as I was writing I realized why shouldn’t I draw something for it? That’s how the current drawing was created, the March wreath.

Hello March! Let this be another amazing month for everyone!


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