Hello June!

Hello June! Hello Summer!


What I wrote a month ago about May, all got a bit delayed: the big step is now languishing in the bureaucratic labyrinth, the newest piece in the silver collection is quite a few steps from appearing, and we didn’t make it to the Balaton Uplands this month either. We could say it was a boring month with a few nice moments. I’m happy it’s over!

I hope this month the above will really come to happen. I already have big plans with the Balaton basement. Last year I didn’t make as much progress, and didn’t even write a blog post about it. But now, I’m collecting the ideas and materials, so that if we spend a good couple of days there then we have everything we need for creation and making the house beautiful. Because this year I’m not planning a huge renovation, but rather a few, cost-efficient ideas to develop the basement vacation house’s comfort and looks. I’m collecting my plans on a Pinterest board. I have a separate board for inspirations, DIY ideas, and fireplace spaces, and I’m continuously adding to my wishlist that works as a shopping list. Follow me on Pinterest and check out my plans!


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  1. […] When we learned the basic motion behind big lettering, Bogi the Fanatikus Kalligráfus (Fanatic Calligrapher) showed us the nuances of lettering — where we should paint thinner lines, and where we should thicken them for emphasis. I rewrote all of the words I had written so far, paying attention to the little details. Then we had finished this as well, Bogi showed us different letter types and we tried to imitate them, with more or less success, everyone according to their own taste. I think I have determined my own style here. Every sign points to this: my left handedness, and my own esthetic world. From here it’s just a matter of practice. Check out the first one here! […]

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