Hello July!

A month ago I said goodbye to a very boring May, and stood ready to welcome an exciting June iwth open arms!…and I always get what I want. Here are the stats of the past 30 days.


Three weeks after the beginning of Summer vacation, I realized: I stumbled into summer! I went at it with great energy, confident that I would solve everything. In my case, this means I plan to do about 3-5x more than what’s realistic, and the whole time I feel like I don’t accomplish anything! I always here from other people how many things I have time for. In the meantime, I just write the endless to-do lists for myself, which will never hit rock bottom. A few months ago I got sick of this strategy and thought up a new one. Beautiful new notebook, one day = one page. I write up the date and my to-do’s. I check mark, BUT…If there is a new task that comes up, that’s urgent, I write that up on a page as well. Then at night, when I feel like nothing has been done, I check it out and realize that I’ve actually taken care of a whole bunch of stuff! This was the case yesterday, and it will be today as well!

A big change in my life was the addition of a new family member…I received another temporary teenager! An amazingly well behaved, Hungarian-American kid came to visit my son for a month. So the past few weeks I’ve spent with 5 kids, which I’ve loved!

We visited the Balaton Uplands, where a few things started off — the basement is getting more and more beautiful! I spent a lot time working there, and because there’s no wifi or 3G I finished some projects around the house, the fruits of which I just need to photograph and then it’s ready to show off on the blog!

And then the requests: two mega-giga projects have finally reached their end, and I’ve become a better time juggler. Let there be hard work, but let the vacation days come full steam ahead as well!

Hello July!

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