Hello February!

January was amazing.


The year and January immediately began with a fantastic trip to the Balaton Uplands. The garden was covered in a dusting of fresh snow, and a deer was keeping an eye on us from far away. The kids made snow angels, and I picked some winterberries. It was great to be there, and to be together. I would like to spend more time at the cottage this year, renovating it, making it nice and showing you guys!

In January, I also went to a great workshop to study calligraphy. You can see the result on this picture that I shot with the Balaton Uplands winterberries.

This year I made it a goal of time to find an online marketing agency so that I have more time to plan and blog. I spent a lot of time working on that this January. I collected quite a few quotes and now I have one last thing to do: choose from the two final offers and sign a contract.

I’m excited for February! I’m going to Paris with my husband and youngest, and I can hardly wait. We can rest, spend time together…and all this in Paris!

The new collection is in the works. It’s in my head and on paper. I hope that February’s first week will give me time to create the first prototypes. Then we can start making the next one, and the next one. I just remembered, that the newest bold.color.glass plate also cooled. So that’s all for today, I’m running to open the kiln and behold the wonder…You’ll hear about the details soon! Until then, have a great week!


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