Hello August!

Total time-warp. I love my kids and I love my work too, but this Summer I’m having a hard time reconciling the two. I feel like I can’t give my all to either topic and it’s not my favorite feeling. Of course this could also be because we haven’t had time to rest yet, especially without the kids. Unfortunately it seems the latter won’t even happen :(. But I am really excited for the family vacation!


The DIY cottage basement projects are coming to a close. Comfort and esthetic changes will be made, and there are still many plans left unrealized. We’re making progress step-by-step, whatever fits into the time, energy and budget we have to work with. It’ll be so great to enjoy the fruits of all this work in August and plan even more in my head!

In the panyizsuzsi world, I launched my new collection that I’ve been anticipating for a very long time. The silver fragil earring got a sister, the LOOP silver earring. I like this earring, it’s roundness and elegance, and the tiny colorful dot that matches with anything from jeans to evening gowns. Timeless and elegant, and naturally complimented with a bit of colored glass as well!

In my non-existent free time I write. I’m increasingly more enchanted with calligraphy. These days I practice. I ordered quite a few new pens, I can’t wait for them to arrive. As a leftie, I have to experience which tools will be good to me, what style I like the most. I’m like a first grader. Last time after three rows of “a”‘s, I finally drew one that was beautiful. And I was so happy…also for the fact that I could be a kid discovering new things again!

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