Hello April!

Ah, another month is over, you could say it’s flown by! Everything was so fast that when I created the cover photo, I accidentally wrote ‘March’ on it!


The work around bold.color.glass was invisible yet, but believe me, we’ve been working hard every day. The planning phases have begun and we’ve created a few prototypes for the new collection. I’m really excited because the new, design metal pieces haven’t arrived yet, but will be ready this month!

During all of this, I’ve been leading the Instagram Brand Building Course in the mákgubó classroom. I got tons of positive reviews, and I realized that a lot of people are curious about how I’ve achieved what I have, so I’m sure that soon I’ll be starting new trainings! My goal is to help creatives build a professional brand, because if there are a lot of great creators and products in the market, we’re strengthening each other!

….and we even made it to Lake Balaton! I cleaned the house so that next time we can arrive at a clean second-home, I can’t wait for these weekends. I can really unplug there! I don’t even have 3G, so I don’t take devices with me just my reading list! Every moment there is a wonder. The cover photo was also shot there, and I’m really proud because I didn’t even take it! my 12 year old girl now regularly asks for my camera and takes pictures with it. She is familiarizing herself with all of the different settings and makes beautiful pictures. I was also 12 when my Dad gifted me my first camera. I’m so happy about the parallels!


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  1. Hey girls we really like your blog!
    Sending you greetings from Austria! :)

  2. love the cover photo. Must be Cherry blossom!

  3. Zsuzsi says:

    Thank you! Actually it is an apple tree from our cottage garden!

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