GOLD is my new color!

I haven’t really loved the color gold since my teenage days. Neither gold jewelry nor anything else in that hue. I was always a ‘silver’ kind of girl. To me, gold signified an out-of-date, old and antiquated style. In contrast, silver was always refreshing and light, with a clean, almost sterile quality to it. But after a while, I got tired of wearing only silver. The hue became to clean and predictable. I wanted my pieces to have more life in them, and this can be found much more easily in golden hues. And gold also has so many different shades! There’s white, yellow and even red-gold. A more delicate version of the last, rose-gold, is becoming more and more popular, in interior deco and in certain fashions. So I started collecting gold accessories as well!


ENIHORN gold minimini – Everything started with this piece. A year ago the color caught my eye. I thought to myself, that I’d buy a few gold accessories, and I started with this purse. It was love!

gold bracelets – once I got the purse, I immediately needed a few accessories. First I bought a bracelet to match at some fast-fashion shop. I’ve been wearing it since, and added a nice older piece to it as well, that I love to wear regularly now.

gold iPhone6 – I was a dedicated Android user. Naturally, my teenage boy teased me to no end for it. A few months ago the option for an upgrade arrived and I got the chance to change brands and OS. At first it was strange but pretty soon I became used to it. I haven’t had that ‘life-changing’ feeling with Apple products yet. I’m going to do a bit more research and see what and how I can use on it to make my life easier. Now my most-used application is Instagram. That’s where I document’s and my own life!

gold basket – this basket is waiting for further development, because it’s going to live out it’s life in our summer cottage, not as a basket, but rather as a lampshade. I promise I’ll write a separate blog post on the results!

rose gold aviators – for years I’ve been wearing black shades with plastic frames. This year I chose a bit of a lighter piece. That’s when I found this piece. Besides the rose-gold frame, I like that the lenses glow in a blue-ish shade. This always reminds me of sunny summers at the Balaton, even when I’m working at home.

Ever since I started collecting and wearing all of these pieces I’ve started to love gold, and it would have been quite embarrassing to keep wearing silver pieces with my new accessories. I quickly created a few prototypes of gold pieces to avoid this situation! I’ve been wearing them all summer and they’ve quickly become my favorites, so I’m sharing them with you now!

Check out the new gold and rose-gold rings in the webshop now!

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