FLORAPOCKETS: The Hangable Practical Anything Pouch

I’ve been looking for a nice alternative to my potted herb garden for a while now. I like herbs, and they’re the best when they’re at hand in the kitchen. But I don’t want the plants to shade the window. Not long ago I found out about FLORAPOCKETS, darling little plastic pouches that can hold plants, and all sorts of other little trinkets.




I immediately pounced on these simple solutions, that can be hung anywhere easily — even a window! It also has an alternative double pouch version, that can be hung on to any sort of rail or a crib side. As in every household, mine is full of millions of tiny little things that seem to disappear all too easily. Hanging a catch-all pouch in the bathroom or kitchen saves one from hours of hunting. These pouches aren’t just practical, they’re an amazing gift or decor idea as well!


The pockets are designed by Rotem Shalom, an Israeli designer who produces the pouches in a social help institution. They are available in myriad colors on the FLORAPOCKETS website: polka-dotted, striped, zig-zagged, ‘Aztec’ design, and so much more. All of the available colors are full and bright. There are special collections as well, like wedding designs, bicycle friendly versions — my favorite is the chalkboard style one! The website also provides a host of hook options as well if you don’t have any at home to hang them on!


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