Flora Pockets: Adorable Multipurpose Containers

I recently got my Flora Pocket in the mail, and was pumped to find the perfect use for the pockets — the biggest “problem” I faced was the sheer amount of possibilities! In case you haven’t heard of these wunderkids of home decor, Flora Pockets are waterproof, durable, well-sized and colorful versatile pockets that you can hang anywhere and stuff with anything. Use them as anything from hanging pen holders, to portable kitchen gardens!

The pockets are designed and manufactured by Rotem Shalom, an Israeli product designer doing big things. They’re produced in collaboration with rehabilitation charities and have proven their worth for the past 1.5 years. They are available for purchase through Rotem’s wildly successful Etsy store, where the pockets come in a vast array of colors, prints and sets.


I had seen the pockets used in many blogs as an impromptu kitchen garden and I loved the idea! I quickly transplanted my own homegrown parsley to the planter and hung it above my stove top for easy access. As a #UJB I can’t get enough green things hanging around my place, so needless to say I’m excited to have a pocket of kitchen spices right at arms length!


I wanted to get creative with my other pocket, and thought about some new things to stuff in it. Then I spied my coat rack and it hit me. The pockets are perfect for holding hats, scarves and gloves of visiting guests! I ordered the chalkboard pocket, so I drew a Welcome message on the holder and attached it to a hanger…Voila! A practical greeting. Hopefully I’ll never have to track down guests with their left behind stuff again :).


Where would you hang your Flora Pocket?

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