Drawing squibs

We spent the past week-end at our orchard. Where I love tos slow down, relax, think about the world surrounding us. Quiet and peace for a couple days. This fills my energy tanks for the busy weekdays.

I spend time with my kids. They enjoy the endless space,. Last time they wanted to play wit a rabbit, that ended with chasing him. The rabbit won. Anyway, they still have to learn a lot about life!

Lest week-end we made a campfire. We fired some bacon as a Hungarian campfire food and also had some s’mores. At the end they wanted to “smoke” (Smoking for them is holding a wood stick into the fire until it is red!) The light bulb turned on in my head, and went for my camera. The girls were drawing with the red, hot stick and I made some pictures. Some are smooth, others blurred and there is one where she stopped sometimes. The beast are the ones, they tried to write their names!

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