DIY – Flower wreaths for your home

Besides not having completely finished by scrapbook album for the holidays, the season is basically over. Carnival is coming up fast, and for the ball season, but this time is so short for me that my mind is already on Spring.


The most awaited Spring event for me is The Hive blog conference! This year the conference for bloggers and storytellers is going to place in April in Dublin! This is going to be my fourth Hive, and I can hardly wait. I always return home with the best ideas. It’s so good to be able to spend time with like-minded, few people know how the profession works, what are the difficulties and what are the moments of happiness. This year I met with Juliane again, an elegant blogger whose new blog is called Notes from Björkåsa. I met with her 4 years ago and we have a great friendship! Come join us at The Hive as well!


While we didn’t really get a tough winter here, just Christmas, I’m really looking forward to the spring! My thoughts were revolving around all of these things all day. Spring. Hive. …and then Holly Becker‘s book that I received last year at The Hive, Wohnen mit Blumen, came into my hands. Spring sprung in my soul. So here’s a piece I created and translated for you from the book. This DIY project costs less than 2.000HUF and is ready in 20 minutes!


rose-gold skinny metal clothes hanger (JYSK – 1.000Ft / 3 pc) or spraypaint a hanger from the cleaners in your color of choice!

fake flowers (I bought some next to the cemetery, for 5-600HUF/piece, but they have nice ones at IKEA as well)

pliers, a rag, and a hot glue gun


First you have to make a circle out of the hanger. It’s easier from hangers from the cleaner, because they’re thinner, though the rose-gold one worked as well — it was just a bit tougher. When you bend them with pliers, definitely grasp it with pliers so that you don’t scratch the metal. It doesn’t have to be a circle, in fact you can experiment with egg and teardrop forms!


When you’re ready with this, cut up the flowers. I took two pieces, a chrysanthemum and an orchid. I cut it so that it had 5-6 cm. left that I could wrap around the hanger. I cut the orchid in two so that the cut is hidden behind the flower! The leaves I cut right at the stem with the plier part of the combination pliers. I twisted the flowers around the hanger by their stems and then set them right. When I was happy with the result, I applied glue with my handy-dandy glue gun.


After this, I turned around the wreath and glued the orchids leaves around the backs of the flowers, and finally applied the chrysanthemum leaves. What do you think?




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