Digital Divas Conference, Budapest

Cosmo and Avon are organizing the Digital Divas blog conference for the second time this year. Yesterday’s event, where Larus made space for Hungary’s biggest blogger event, that Cosmo’s team organized in an amazingly professional way again.

Digital Divas

I love these events so much because it’s a great opportunity to meet up with old and new blogger friends. There were many bloggers there who blog full time now, including: Ági, from Ági főz, Via, aka urban:eve, Enn, the blogger behind Entrance and many others!

Lilu was the MC of the night and also moderated the round table discussion with great questions. My favorite was the Instagram conversation. That’s not that surprising though, because those that follow me there know how much I love to use it. I communicate the best via pictures, so it stands very close to me!

Digital Divas

We heard a separate lecture about videography, which is a really trending branch in the blogging world. There are vloggers who communicate specifically via YouTube and have an immense following. I can’t say that I’d be able to film a YouTube video of myself unboxing the latest mascara, but I have to admit that my kid’s generation loves this style! Banki Beni, the 15 year old YouTube slammer specifically created a fantastic rhyme for the event and then a discussion with Lilu ensued. I really loved it, she was truly passionate and ambitious, but handled the things happening around her with an air of casualness befitting someone of her age. There’s a big need for young kids like this, and events where they can be seen as examples!

My second favorite was Takacs Nori, who vlogs on the Vous page as Norie, and is an incredibly professional performer! I even caught a picture with her — but that’s a different story for next time!

Takács Nóri és Panyi Zsuzsi

And finally, let there be a bit of space for critique and some personal thoughts. The big bloggers in the world talked about how much it costs to maintain a blog. And many people were surprise. Because a professional blog has a lot of server and tech costs. But these don’t have to be paid in the beginning. The only negative thing that came out of the conference, was the discussion around how much it costs to start a blog. Where there was talk of expensive logos and even more costly cameras. Of course there is that level of blogging where this is important, but at the time, I started panyizsuzsi with 4.000HUF. With this amount, I bought a server and used only free services. When I outgrew the first, I bought a better, smarter one. At the beginning, I even drew my first logo, and over the years that grew into today’s version. I took pictures with the family compact machine, that barely has any settings to change. I’m not saying you don’t have to be professional, because you do! At this point, I also wouldn’t work in this same way, but on the way I paid attention to growing my business instead of spending my earnings on vacations. BUT! Never wait for perfection, if you want to reach something, start it, however you can, do it, and if it works, keep pulling yourself up to the next level! That’s how I did it, and I’ve been here for 8 years now, blogging! Dare to start!


Thank you so much for the professional organization Cosmo! Good one girls!


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