I’ve Joined the Team!

In the past half year, I’ve fallen in love with a new hobby. I discovered planners on Instagram, and while I was looking for stickers for them I stumbled upon Scrapbooks, and from there to the Project Life method, which makes it easy to save memories by matching pictures with decorated stickers and colored cards.


I really loved all of this and I found so many options and pages on it on the web. The only problem was, these were American sites with English cards. Our family events aren’t really FUN, but we do have a good time and they can be funny at times. I couldn’t identify with the English taglines. I searched on. And then I found Scrapfellow, who design and create Hungarian scrapbook materials. They use funny and memorable lines, and the minimal style really works with bold.color.glass.

I immediately took to my keyboard and wrote to the founder, Agi, especially when I saw a Silhouette Cameo in her webshop, which I really wanted at the time. It turns out we have similar taste in more than one area. I ordered a few papers and started using them in my calendar. Agi liked this so much, that she asked me to join the Scrapfellow team! Thanks for the opportunity!


What does this mean for you as a blog reader? Once a month I’m going to create a Project Life blog post about our lives, and the bold.color.glass story. Here’s the first:

The story: on the first of January everyone was tired by the afternoon, so not only our littlest family member had a nap, but we did too! I woke up first, and saw how peacefully my 3-year-old was sleeping next to me. I carefully raised the blinds and saved the moment. That’s how our 2016 started!


The technique: I took a 6×12-es PL (Projec Life) pouch. The top part received the year, the bottom, the picture. In the middle, I placed two cards and handwrote the story between the stripes. I stuck a few appropriate phrase stickers and decorative buttons on it, and finished the whole page with a single KitKlub SZTORI pack. That’s it! Easy, right?


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