Cosy and Green Bedroom

It’s already December! But I’m still holding on to the last sweet memories of a glowing fall with a belated, but lively Urban Jungle Bloggers post. This month I fought off the grasp of winter by wrapping myself up in candles, my botanic bedspread, and of course my newest budding beauties. They’re making the new place feel ever cozier!


I’ve found new and exciting places to purchase greenery in Budapest — Obi and Praktiker! Surprising, but both have quite an extensive plant stock. It’s thanks to recent forays here to stock up on basic tools that I’m the new proud owner of an aloe vera plant. It was wonderful already, but once a quick swipe of one of it’s leaves’ juice worked as a quick homeopathic aid against an angry hot oil burn it became a truly brilliant purchase. :).

This winter I’ll be visiting other plant shops, including the famous Budakeszi Kert Centrum — my heart is set on a staghorn (or several!) for the wall, and maybe some air plants…Anything to fight against Hungary’s freezing rain winters :)! And speaking of living green — my recycling bins have finally arrived! It takes some finnagling with the Szelektiv Hulladek gods, however it’s well worth it when you can flatten those bottles and dump them in the plastic bin.

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