DIY Christmas packaging from the winter garden

I finished Christmas shopping on time, so I had some time to wrap the presents up nicely. This year, I didn’t buy nice wrapping paper, but rather opted to make my own using the simplest household packing paper.


 First I looked for the dark brown version, but at the store they only had the premium, ridged version, which would have been too much for my idea. So I stuck with this lighter version.


On my shopping tour, I also found beautiful cards at Marks and Spencer. We gift a lot of people, so a 30 piece set was perfect for me and the atmosphere of the pictures was very inspiring. The next thing that came to my mind was that I definitely wanted to use cooking twine to wrap the presents, so I dug that out and added it to the leftover gray ribbon I had from decorating the Advent wreath.


The raw materials were perfect but proved to simple. I decorated the advent wreath with some blooming lavender branches from the garden, so I decided to return to hunt for more natural decor. First I just brought in a lavendar branch, but as I started towards the rose bush for a few plants, I spotted my hortensia’s dried flowers. The only plant I bought from above were the red winterberries. Look around! Chances are you will find some beautiful plants and flowers to decorate your presents with outside as well!


I packed the books nicely and encircled them loosely with cooking twine a few times. I knotted it and tied in the perforated cards. I matched the cards’ color palettes to the different plants and carefully wrapped them between the strings. To some I also added little globe ornaments, also left over from the Advent wreath!


As simple as they, so too are they beautiful!


This year how are you wrapping your presents?


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