Warming brown

It is cold here and I love to warm up with colors. A deep rich brown is grat for that!

Lately I was thinking about buying something with ocelot print, but I was not sure about it. Most of the time I felt is way to much for my petit figure. Last week I found the perfect piece, an ocelot patterned pair of jeggings. I keep wearing and loving it ever since. My favourit outfit is to match my new pair of jeggings with a thick cable knit pullover. My flat brown riding-style boots and my MaxMara leather bag is a perfect match for this outfit!

By the was I have to tell you the story of my MaxMara bag! Couple years ago we were on a holiday in Tunisia and went to thr local farmer’s market to buy some great spices. To fet to the food part of the market we had to get across the second-hand clothing area. It was really weird huge tables with enormous amount of clothes, shoues and acessories piled on them. I did nor really take a look, until there was a big pole and some bags hangign in it. There was this ice brown one. I touched it and felt the soft leather. Then I looked inside and there was the MaxMAra lebel in it. It was sold for $4. I did not think twice, bought it right away!

To match my eyes, I used some brown eye shadow and added a  brown MONO+ ring plus a pashmina.

februar_2014_szett_eng 1. White cable knit pullower– I already had – Springfield

2. Ocelot jeggings – $5 , sale– C&A

3. Brown MONO+ ring– 4.200 Ft – bold.color.glass

4. MaxMara bag– $4, used– MaxMara

5. Brown boots – $60, sale– Horváth Cipő (do not exist any more :-( )

6. Brown eyeshadow– 2.590 Ft – The Body Shop

7. Brown pashmina – 4.370 Ft – etsy

Proud to be featured!

I’ve got goals every year and I write quite a lot about it on the blog. But there are some things I only like to write about when they cam true! Like this one.

figyelo_cimlap LAst year I was wondering about what well known participants of business life think on my business. Are they interested in something started with $20 at home? Are they take it serious or not at all. This year I planned to be featured in a local financiall magazine. There are three of them, so I gave it a try. I did not have to wait too long. In the middle of January I found myself sitting in the headquarters of Figyelő (aka Watching) magazine giving an interview. They were interested. They did care how to start small. They did care how important for me to constantly learn and they did care about my goals.

I am proud of all my media feature, but always the proudest at the most recent one. Now, this one! Thank you Figyelő!


Kids Design Glass


There is a  Glass Museum in Washington State. This museum has a very special collection. The objects there were not designed by famous glass designers, but kids. Anyone under 12 can enroll to the Kids Design Glass Program and use their imagination and creativity to design glass objects. The highly-skilled glass blowers create sculptures according to these designs.


Kids can use any kind of medium, like crayons, felt pens or they can even make a collage, anything their imagination needs. The higly skilled glassblowers of the museum pick one design each month. They incite the “designer” with her or his family, who can sit int the front row of the Hot Shop and give instructions while the sculpture is being created.
The glass blowers make two pieces: one for the Museum and one for the designer kid to take home!

Kids-Design-Glass shark-collage

I not only love the sculptures itself, but this innovative program, to show kids, that they possess imagination. It is so important to show kids, that dreams can come true. … and it is so important for us, adults, to know had a drawing of a child has not always have to be explained and that a child’s dream is not a fiction and can really come true!

I bought a book about this very special collection. I love it! These people working in this museum, are really fantastic. They truly believe in kids. Thank you so much for their work! I truly hope many more will come and follow them!


Zip it around your neck!

To be honest I am not really keen on things made of zipper. A zip is something functional, and not beautiful at all. Today I seem to change my mind. I found some fantastic jewelry made of zippers! I am not sure I’d wear them, but I like them a lot! Their fine curves and fantastic waves are in a perfect harmony with the tiny metal pieces in them.


Reborn Jewelry is designed for women who are stylish, adventurous and confident. They love the unusual out of the ordinary. They embrace life to the fullest and appreciate beauty of all kinds. They possess the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They revamp any object with their inborn sense of style and turn them into object of desire.

I love that this collection is not stuggling, but both generous and professional. They are impulsive and feminine at the same time. My favourite is this yellow and pink necklace. It is so soft and it shape seems to be telling a woman’s story. I love both its shape and color!


Reborne Jewelry is about giving a second life to an object through artistic transformation with a jewelry outlook – Flora Qureshi, the desinger says. The premier jewelry collection focuses on exploiting zippers in endless ways to create beautiful shapes and volumes with zipper lines and curves. Every jewel has its own character and is entirely handmade with artisan craftsmanship.  You can find Flora’s jewelry at her  website and webshop!


Survive or set goals?


At the end of each year I take my time to look back my previous year and make plans for the new one! I think about my privete life and bold.color.glass as well. It is so important to dream and have goals. This encourages me a when I am facing difficulties and makes me happy when it is reached.

I talked to many people about their past years and the 2014 goals. I was surprised that many of them was planning to survive. (Tell you the truth Hungarians are one of the most pessimistic people on this planet.)

How can you go for surviving?

What if it is not reached?

I consider that a good goal is something, that can be reached, but it keeps you motivated! Something that you are willing to do something for. Something you wake up for. Something you feel god about. Something that can be celebrated. A Great goal is a good thing!

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