Apacuka: Ceramics From a Marriage

  • What’s the first thing that you created in your life that you remember to this day?

Judit: In elementary school we had a handicrafts class every two weeks. We tried all different techniques: weaving, embroidering, felting, ceramics and more. I made a bag out of tights, and a tiny doll out of textile. Mara neni, who was our teacher, has visited us with her girls many times since then at our ceramics workshop.
Gábor: LEGO. :) It’s such a creative and inspiring game. After a while, it’s not enough to follow the little instruction booklet, and then your “intuition” takes over.

  • Did you learn this profession at school or did you start as an autodidact?

Judit: I didn’t study ceramics or pottery, and my knowledge isn’t that big. I make use of my memories of technical training in my childhood, and of course I’ve researched quite a bit since then. If I get stuck, I have many professional friends whom I can turn to for help.
Gábor: Profesionally speaking, I’m a porcelain painter. Creation, drawing, and self-expression were all big themes of my adolescence, and since then I’ve been doing something with them in some way.


  • Where do you take inspiration from?

Judit: I like reading home decor and interior design magazines and blogs, to stay on top of trends. Walks in the woods and delicious food are amazingly relaxing for me. I also love to practice yoga.
Gábor: Human conversations and meetings. I try to walk with open eyes and ears, because you never know… an interesting object or material can really give a lot to a person’s imagination.

  • How do you plan, create?

Judit: A sudden inspiration and a notebook is usually the ‘planning phase.’
Gábor: That’s really how it is, I totally agree with the above :).


  • How do you choose materials, forms and colors?

Judit: Clay is an amazingly great material. If you need it to, it’ll stretch, if you need, it’ll do the opposite, but more than anything, it will teach you to be patient. You can’t accelerate the process completely, you have to give it time. And that completely aligns with the message of yoga as well.
Gábor: Unlike Judit, I like simpler, more geometric patterns. With clay, or with my own creative pursuits, I tend towards the minimal. Simple, small, out on the runway.

  • What is your favorite tool?

Painting rollers.

  • What is your favorite part of the creative process? Tell us about it!

Judit: I like to create lines for stores, because that’s when I get a free hand. It’s the bestfeeling to arrange the finished pieces, they look so good stacked together :). The other amazing moment is opening the kiln after the glaze is applied.
Gábor: The last small corrections, and the content appreciation.


  • What is your favorite creation?  Have you ever created anything that you loved so much you kept it?

I’ve finally learned not to get too attached to objects. At this point only the imperfect pieces make their way into our kitchen, but sometime our time will come as well.

  • Do you have a favorite story about the studio life of one of your works?

Many people don’t have a lot of self-confidence, and many times I’ve heard that pottery has helped them. This is a great feeling. We believe in the DIY movement’s goals, not just to recycle but also to grow self-confidence.For ourselves, we need to create tiny goals that we can achieve in the near future. I’m the list-making type of person, in the morning I write down what I want to create during the day, and it’s a great feeling when I hit the end of the list by the end of the day. Of course I don’t find if 1-2 points fall into the next day either.

  • What do you besides create?

The rest of our time belongs to our two sons.

Take a peek into the Apacuka ceramic studio here!



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