Hi! Szia!

We’re Zsuzsi and Reka blogging from Hungary, Europe.  Our friendship started long before either of us were born, back when our great-grandfathers lived around the corner from each other in a beautiful town called Gyongyos…but you can read more about that soon…

Our blog, bold.color.glass is an outlet where we explore contemporary European and global design and lifestyle.  We want to show you the next best thing in our neck of the woods — Hungarian happenings and recipes, bits from personal projects, daily inspirations, and conversations with fellow designers.  Just like a bold, colorful accessory to your outfit, our blog is a punch of color and spirit to your day!

Contributing Writers

Zsuzsi graduated as an architect, but after she started a family she decided to downsize her design process.  Back in 2007 she started her career as a self taught artist designing bold glass jewelry in her home studio, and in one short year it grew from a hobby to a full-fledged business.

In the beginning, raising a family and starting a business at the same time left little room for traveling to resellers and negotiating contracts… So out of necessity Zsuzsi launched her business online.  And now seven years later, as bold.color.glass has grown from a desk to a nationally recognized brand, what once seemed like a drawback became her biggest strength.  She’s a wife and mother of four that continues to handcraft jewelry and run her business with a team of freelancing women and part-time working mothers.  They design, craft and package every piece in her beautiful pink attic studio to deliver joyful European style to your door.

Reka came along in the summer of 2013.  It certainly wasn’t her first time in Hungary…She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY to a Hungarian father and Hungarian speaking American mother.  She spent the transformative years of her life travelling between the old country and new, going to school, getting her knees dirty, and learning one of the crazier languages in the world.  After getting a degree in History and Slavic Studies in Chicago, she moved to Budapest (semi) permanently to try her luck in a blossoming Eastern European country…

And that’s where the story of this blog begins.