3 Berlin Design Stores You Have to Visit

I’d written about my wanders around the chilly streets of Berlin earlier but I wanted to save my design store finds for a separate post. Since we had a week, my travel buddy and I looked into a few different neighborhoods and found some goodies indeed!

1. Kreuzberg Buyers Club


This eccentric little bodega was a chance stumble for us on our way to Oye Records. The store window caught my eye because there was an amazing array of real antique lithographs of animals and butterflies. Probably one of the few things I love more than antique diagrams are butterflies…So we went in.

Berlin Design

The place was filled with a random assortment of jewelry, scarves, a lot of design by a local label called Pukizo (awesome, yet as a Hungarian, I can’t not giggle at the name), and little gadgets. The lithographs were truly awesome, and they had a great collection all along the back wall and stacked on an upright.


I do love a store with unexpected surprises, and this one fit the bill. If you’re wandering around that neighborhood, I definitely suggest lovers of antique treasures, random collections, and a good time to pop in!

Berlin Design1

2. Vintage Galore


Vintage Galore was another wonderful stumble on Sanderstrasse. We didn’t know it when we opened the door, but we were walking in to a mid-century modern paradise. Although the store was small, the pieces each had a dignified and refined personality. It was amazing to me, how so many pieces could fit in to such a small space!

Berlin Design 12

Source: Vintage Galore

Everything was authentic and the shop carries extraordinary designer pieces as well. My eyes kept returning to a certain Normann Copenhagen style lamp…


If you’re looking for a space that’s a bit out of the ordinary from classic vintage stores and design shops, I highly recommend exploring Vintage Galore. Even without buying anything (unfortunately I would not have been able to travel back with any form of Normann Copenhagen lamp strapped to my luggage :)), we had a great time looking at the pieces.

Berlin Design 10

Source: Vintage Galore

3. Harmony Living and Fashion

Berlin Design 3

When it comes to contemporary design and the trend today I, the as-of-last-week Berlin n00b, found the epicenter, Mitte, as soon as I stepped off the ubahn. There was Wood Wood, The Berlin Fashion Network, and a collection of design and concept stores lining the street calling to us.

Berlin Design 1

We popped in to a front called Harmony, and the minimal style really excited me. Here are those paper straws that I can’t find in Budapest! What beautiful brass kitchen accessories! I could see all of these lovely gadgets in my home at once.

Berlin Design 17

The shop also carried gorgeous leather accessories and some nice minimal clothing. I think anyone could find something for themselves here :). It truly was a harmonious bit of fashion and living!

Berlin Design

What’s your favorite design shop in Berlin?

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