The first video!

I have been planning to write a blogpost for days, but since it is school holiday I am not the only one who handles my own time and calendar. Yesterday I got to the point to write one. … and then I looked at my phone for a second and in the same moment a little envelope started blinking on it: come and pick me up!

That’s summer, but this is more than OK! In the meanwhile we got two big corporate order. One is already delivered and still working on the other one. A new color for the MONO+ collection is soon to be launched. And here is an other one the first video!

Tell you the truth there was already a video about me making jewelry, bu that was done by a video professional. But this one was made by Anouk and me at Hive. We both took part at the video workshop. We learned the basics of how to make a video for our blogs. We made up a concept pretty fast and then started shooting. Just 10 minutes after the workshop. The whole process was so fascinating. Exprimenting with the camera. We did not even know how it will be edited. Just did it!  After I came home from Hive I was eager to start editing the little spots we made. I am so happy it is ready by now! How do you like it?


The Hive: European Blogger Conference

I always wished to travel to some Scandinavian countries. Danmark has always been the capital of design in my mind. Couple of weeks ago I trevelled to The Hive blogkonference to Copenhagen.This was not my first conference but I have been really excited. I love to meet and greet new people, I love to travel and see new places, find inspiration and learn about blogging.

It is so much fon to talk to other bloggers, how they face difficulties what tools they use. I love to fond cooperations and friends. Last year I met Juliane at Hive. That time we did not know Hive moves to Copenhagen this year, but when it all became public, she invited me to her sweet red painted sweedish farmhouse for a couple days after the conference. (I will write a separate post about that!)


I have chosen to stay in WakeupCopenhagen hotel while in Copenhagen. This was central enough, but still close to the airport and the conference venue. It worked out really well. Whithin 60 minutes from landing I was standing at the lobby! This was a brand new hotel that opened days before I arrived. I guess I was the firs one to sleep in that bed. For me it is very important to have a good night rest when I go for a business trip. This helps me to make the most out of it.

The evening before the conference we had a fantastic kick of event at Muuto. The company collects the best Scandinavian designers and asks them to tell their stories through objects designed with a totally new perspective. I loved Muuto, the atmosphere and the products were both fantastic, not to mention the party we had there! We finished up the day with a dinner, I organised with Melanie from Dejlige Days.


Saturday at the conference was fantastic. First we listened a grat presentation from the French Pinterest team. The next speaker was Katie Treggiden, from the Confessions of a Design Geek. She kicked of with a fantastic TED előadással, and talked about being original and honest!

The two big favourites of the day were the workshops. First I went to Katrin’s about videoblogging. She was not only telling us about the thoretical part, but we also got some hands -on things and some homework to do. (I hope to finish it soon and show you!) The other one was Gudy, the blogger of the Eclectic Trends, who spoke about  tactile moodboards. I was proud to show her my red Valentine moodboard, that I made earlier this year. She really liked it and the comment she made on it I totally agree and I will pay attention to that!

Sunday’s best was Jocelyn Casey aboutthe balance of blogging and our private life. I really needed this presentation! Thank you Jocelyn!


In meanwhile Hive and Scandic Hotel are treated us really well. Our brakfasts were sponsored by  Alpro and Nutella! We even got the recipes from Alpro, I really liked their breakfast! The lunch menu was created by Jamie Oliver with a great amount of vegetebles. The coffe at the venue was perfect and there was always time for coffee and some nice conversations at the nice conference lobby. It might sound interesting that I write about the food and accommodation, but I truly feel, that to really enjoy and pay attention to a conference it is important to have my body treated well!


The conference was not only aboutkeynotes and workshops. I was about bloggers, it was about real PEOPLE! About coopertions and frienships, aha moments and conversations. It is nise to meet someone I have been following even for years and say hello to them. I need this moment, I need this feeling. The best of all when someone tells you, that I know your blog!

Thank you Hive, thanks you Yvonne for organizing it for us! See you at Hive 2015 in Berlin!

people If you would like to see more of my trip and The Hive conference, please check out my instagram profile!

Hello June!


Thanks God, May is over! I did new it a month before, that it will be a hard one. Almost every week I had two weekday afternoon programs, like Mother’s Day in the school, Music School Concers, School play ect. These mess up my precise schedule. The system does not work any more and all I can do is trying (I mean trying really hard) to catch up. In meanwhile I had a nice trip to Copenhagen and Sweeden, that was a bit hard to prepare for since there was an extra chaotic time with one of our kids. In spite all of this my trip was fantastic. I will write about it soon!

Are you surprised I was desperately waiting for June? I guess not!

The school will be over this month and summer comes! This will make our life a lot easier, with less rules and more frequent travels to the Balaton Uplands. It also means spending some extra time working at night. I had so many new ideas this month, that I will save a day for myself ot just organize my ideas and start making them come true. I will also add deadlines to my plans. When you don’t have a boss, you have to act like one sometimes!

Hello June! I am glad you are here!


Blogger styling competition

Monday I was invited to the Vipp Flagship Store to Copenhagen., where the Bodie and Fou pop-up store and a really cool blogger styling competition took place. That 12 bloggers were divided up into 4 groups. Each group has to style 3 inretieurs, like kitchen, bathroom and a tabletop setting. Each styling had to be made within 30 minutes with even taking the photos.

More photos to come tomorow!

I uploaded the pictures of our team’s styling to instagram, facebook and also pinterest! Please support our team by like as many images as you can! All images in the competition has to have the #bodieandfouvipp tag.

VIPP kitchen by Zsuzsi Panyi

VIPP kitchen by Zsuzsi Panyi

VIPP kitchen by Zsuzsi Panyi
VIPP kitchen by Gudy Herder photo: Gudy @ Eclectic Trends
VIPP kitchen by Gudy Herder photo: Gudy @ Eclectic Trends

Bloggers taking part in the competition:

Blooming pants


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