Glutenfree Chocolate Gugelhupf


I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been hooked on gugelhupf.

My daughter is gluten sensitive, that we recognize not as a sickness, and definitely not as a tragedy, but rather as a gift. If this is the biggest problem that my kids are faced with in life, so be it. I’ll accept it, and be happy that there are no bigger problems. This is what I teach my girls as well. We cook and bake together, so that she can also enjoy the gastronomical wonders that the others do. Of course this takes a lot of energy, but we have plenty of that! [Read more…]

Lime-Green Waiting for Spring Outfit


It’s Spring and not even just a little bit! Since Thursday the sun is shining and it’s warm!

My hortensia is taking root: I’m going to feed it properly this year so that it doesn’t yield only small flowers. As I went out into my garden yesterday and saw the roots, they were a beautiful shade of light green. Exactly like the lime color that I love to wear in the Spring!

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Hello April!

Ah, another month is over, you could say it’s flown by! Everything was so fast that when I created the cover photo, I accidentally wrote ‘March’ on it!

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Leave a stamp on the world — with your own stamp!

I’m a real techy girl. I like all sorts of technical developments, I like if my phone is capable of certain functions and I use these too. My wishlist always contains some sort of gear, like the MINC gold foil machine, or the Silhouette plotter or cutting machine, that can cut almost anything out of different materials. And here we have arrived to the paper. Since I started making calendars and scrapbooks, paper became important to me, and everything that has to do with paper. Especially calligraphy, stickers and stamps.

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UJB | Closely Inspired by Plants

I haven’t shown you guys my plants in a while! The last time you saw them was in the fall, but since then not a lot has happened with them. They moved back into the living room and hibernated until winter broke its spell. They got some water, but no extra minerals. I started paying attention to them again last weekend, trimmed what had to be trimmed, repotted them and started adding plant food for the first time this year!
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