Everyday Outlandish: DVA Butik


I first laid eyes on DVA Butik‘s eclectic, shiny, shimmery wares at a flea market in front of Telep, where I was also coincidentally selling some old threads and bags. It was love at first Frida Kahlo sweater and since then the Bling Bling shoes and wood shades have sealed the deal on our relationship. I reached out to founders Klaudia Csaki and Annamaria Kaptay to find out from whence this rad Budapest flower had sprung, and where it’s headed in the future. Yum.
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Meet The Blogger Amsterdam


Over the weekend we went to Amsterdam together. Neither of us had ever been in the amazing city.  However, our visit wasn’t just about sightseeing — we went to the Meet The Blogger Conference as well! The conference is the annual meeting point of European bloggers. We love to travel and see the world. Az a blogger, it’s especially important not to view the world solely through a monitor and reblog content with your own words, but also to write about our own firsthand experiences. Despite this, we all still spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. It feels good to branch out, speak to like minded people, sightsee and party. [Read more...]

Meet The (New) Blogger!


Greetings to all of the lovely bold.color.glass readers!

Some of you may be thinking, who’s this girl, and why is she posting on Zsuzsi’s awesome blog?  Allow me to introduce myself!  [Read more...]

Dora Juhasz’s Simply Beautiful Leather Pieces


I know Juhasz Dora from my days at WAMP.  Her bags and bright accessories are very streamlined in all aspects, and this kind of simplicity catches my eye.  Well made and clean accessories give space to their wearers’ individual thoughts: they are easy to combine and can be matched with almost any type of wardrobe! [Read more...]

Hello October!


The past few weeks have been insane.  I’m sure you’ve also noticed, because the blog hasn’t been refreshed in a while.  I’ve been working. [Read more...]