Inspired Design: Komod


Komod Design is a fashion design and concept collaboration between Gabriella Veszpremi and Zsofia Levai.  Born in 2012 the brand has seen astronomical growth since its inception — and this season’s galaxy themed collection inspired by Hungarian singer Biborka Bocskor aptly reflects their rise! I sat down with the two designers at the location of a recent pop-up store they participated in at Alap Cafe, to chat about Komod’s evolution through the years, the Budapest design scene and future plans.
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Marie Claire Fashion Days Budapest!


I needed two days to rest up after this amazing weekend! And then two weeks to process the past weeks. I spent time with my family, took walks, and rested. I needed the time. But now I’m here and writing to you!

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Bagdi Kata – Fashion Designer


Today on the blog you can meet Kata Bagdi, a fashion designer who is also from Szentendre!

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Trend Mashups for a Fall Melange


I love mashing up unexpected prints, materials, and trends for a surprisingly coordinated look. The other day I went out in an aquamarine wig and a collared kiss covered shirt paired with metallic blue leggings. But an interesting outfit doesn’t always have to be off the wall! If I’m sticking to traditional comfy pieces like flannels and scarves, I usually aim for a bit of edge, a surprising pop of color, and a quirky detail to keep the look fresh.

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BagsForFriends: All-Natural, Slow Fashion Gifts


A few weeks ago I visited Krakow for the first time, and on my meanders in and around the city I stumbled across a little gem in a design shop called BagsForFriends. The pieces, heavy felt and plywood beauties, were strong to the touch and fun to look at, with bright stitching and customized engravings on the handles. I got in touch with their designer, Ewa Zamulinska, to find out about the process and customization. I ended up learning quite a lot more! The designer herself is true to the company name, and we chatted via Skype for almost two hours, talking about the bags, but also health foods, the Krakow design scene, and her half Vizsla pup Gaspar as well! 

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