A chat with Roth Aniko, graphic designer [Design Portrait]

You can’t not know Roth Aniko. She’s always participating at the WAMP market, and not long ago she opened her own studio that you can visit at Paloma. Her works are an important part of Hungarian design, so we did an interview with her! 


  • Did you learn this profession at school or did you start as an autodidact?

From my childhood on drawing was a constant part of my life, but I wasn’t an exceptional talent in this world. As an adolescent and then an adult, I succeeded at remaining on this ‘career’ even though I didn’t get into any applied arts schools. A lot of lucky accidents are to thank for the fact that I’m where I am today. (like the first person that bought a picture from me, who gifted me with a lot of courage. Also an acquaintance that introduced me to the secrets of silk painting, the friend of a friend that’s a printer who printed my first postcards for a kiss, and the constant support of my friends)

  • Where do you take inspiration from?

I’m inspired by anywhere and anything really. The streets of Budapest were very inspiring to me for a while. Most recently I was watching a music video and two pictures appeared to me, after which I couldn’t wait to paint them.


  • How do you plan, create?

Right now my work is manifold, from planning to drawing the graphics, I figure what object the graphic will appear on, I choose the materials, I find the master, studio and press that creates at a high quality. I’ll say this much, it’s really hard to maintain high quality in Hungary for individual objects, this is probably the hardest part of my job and requires constant attention.

  • What is your favorite tool?

I love my paints, and my brushes, but maybe my paints a little more, I love their smell (even though aquarel doesn’t even have a scent, unless you lean really close), their forms as the water creates little craters in them, and all those colors in a box next to each other…it’s simply good to look at them, to smooth your hand along the mini little holders. I have many paint kits that I work with, but my go-to is my 24 colored russian aquaria set.



  • What is your favorite part of the creative process? Tell us about it!

I think painting is the best, when I already have the picture in my head, and all I have to do is sit down and paint. Until I got here though often weeks or months went by with gathering materials off of the internet (for example I’ve never been to London, just looked at photos), or I just look for good ideas, shapes, characters, scenes, anything to get the process started.

  • What is your favorite creation?  Have you ever created anything that you loved so much you kept it?

The trolley bus in front of the synagogue is a big favorite, it hangs on the wall in our anteroom, and moved with me from Ferencvaros all the way to our current home in Obuda. It’s an important picture for me both personally and professionally, and probably the best picture I’ve ever painted. Besides this there are a few paintings I kept, for example Honapok (Months) and parts of the Erdőlakók (Forest Dwellers) series, but my true love up until now was the trolley bus.


  • Do you have a favorite story about the studio life of one of your works?

There are so many, but of course none of them come to mind right now…My customers help a lot when they tell me about their own needs or experiences with a given product. Every object in this regard changes a bit, I always try to shape them a bit, so that they become even more perfect for the customers’ needs, or to be more beautiful somehow, so that it will be even better to hold them.

  • What do you besides create?

Right now I’m sitting here thinking about what I should write, and not just write about things that were part of my life a long time ago (those that I wrote down but already erased), but that are a part of my life now. I realized – for the thousandth time -, that my word is my hobby, I spend a lot of time with it (=I work a lot), because that’s simply what excites me, and what I love doing. Besides this I spend time for my family and my friends, without whom none of this would have ever come to life :).




These 10. Women and Creators.

Creating, in the big letter sense of the word, can only be done by God. But he granted women with a special role. As if he was putting a bit of himself into them. They’re able to give life to children. They’re able to create homes out of houses. And they’re able to magic events into celebration.

Design Week is just over here, and the theme was the HOME and the design and technology that has grown up around it. Everything that makes the house and housework easier and more comfortable.

I could write articles about the products of the biggest designers, or the latest life changing app by a startup. But I won’t. Design Week on the panyizsuzsi blog is always a special 10 weeks. Now I’m going to write about 10 women who are creating around us. The fashion world isn’t buzzing around them. Not yet at least. But fantastic things escape their hands. Quietly, slowly and often from HOME.

I want to invite you on a 10 week virtual tour. Starting  next week, we’re visiting 10 different Hungarian women’s studios for a conversation. We’ll check out their studios, their design processes and we’ll speak to them a bit about life as well. Let’s go! Who’s with me?


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