The Summer Cottage Bedroom Renovation


The sole room in the Balaton wine cellar doesn’t hold many variable possibilities within itself. But I still felt like it could use a little facelift. First I thought about changing out the PVC panelling on the side, but with an eye on the budget, we put this idea on the backburner and went for a cheaper, but equally creative solution.

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The Perfect Souvenir From Budapest!


It started last summer, although silk isn’t really meant for the summer, but that was when the idea came to create something together with Borody Kriszta, silk painter, and founder of silk&more. During the first consultation, we just talked colors. Kriszta brought hers, and I brought mine. We put them together, and that many ideas were born. [Read more…]

My Glutenfree Apricot Dumpling Recipe


I promise I won’t become a gastroblogger, but this is a personal recipe that I experimented on for days for my gluten sensitive daughter. This version was so successful, that no one can tell that it’s not made of real flour unless I tell them. The difference lies in the ingredients and preparation. I’ve been making peach dumplings for years based on Fuszeres Eszter’s recipe, so this is where I started out. In my experience it’s not enough to substitute regular flour with gluten-free flour, because we end up with a dry, falling apart something — definitely not dumplings! Behold, the surefire, gluten-free peach dumpling! [Read more…]

G’day, we’re all set!

Cottage kitchen remodel

Not long ago I wrote a little note about my Balaton cottage moodboard, but here’s the actual realized project: the kitchen’s luxury makeover, in other words switching the plastic bowls for a real sink.

Connecting water to the kitchen was by no means a humdrum task. G’day! Luckily I got a ton of help in finding the perfect workforce, but after that I did all of the management. But I wasn’t just separated from the professionals by 200 km, but also a few differences of opinion. G’day, that wasn’t represented in the quote! I quickly decided that I was going to personally supervise the work and spent as much time as possible on the scene. I’m not sorry for that one bit, because everything was installed where and how I wanted it, although there was a lot of dead time as I was waiting for this or that professional to arrive in the absence of a 3G network. G’day, I’ll come back in a flash! 2 hours later, the phone: I’m still at lunch! There I was, waiting and paying attention and thinking about how beautiful and comfortable it would be once it was finished! My biggest trick was the daily phone call, in case of a delay this was place 15-40 minutes each. After a while they seemed to get sick of this and simply came or called me, to let me know where they were in the work and what extra costs came up. I didn’t let them not do it! G’day! I’ll start next Monday, or the Monday after that, actually let’s make it Wednesday... Then he showed up on Monday and did it! Of course this isn’t the point, but rather that we patiently waited for the process to take it’s course, and then it was ready and beautiful!

Cottage kitchen remodel

2-3 years ago we bought one kitchen module from IKEA and since then they stopped manufacturing it, we couldn’t continue building the same style and so we bought new modules for the rest of the build-out under the counter. The whole kitchen was built around the sink, this was the central point. It fits the environment, as a two basin, porcelain sink, and it’s also practical because we can wash tons of dishes in the over-proportioned piece. (Here we don’t and never will have a washing machine, so we took the double basin very seriously!) This household isn’t centered around being a perfect outfitted, well-supplied place, like at home, because I don’t want to spend all of my time with cleaning, tidying and cooking. Here the main goal is resting, with the exception of hosting guests of course!

Cottage kitchen remodel

For the kitchen we bought a module that was 80cm with doors. The counter we bought a while ago matched perfectly with the new pieces. Above the fridge however, we needed to find a tailored solution, because we didn’t want to replace the newish fridge. I pushed it under the counter, left enough space for it to air out, put a counter over it secured by the wall on one side and countertop on the other with some consuls. We brought the kitchen to life in an easy $600. These are the times you realize that a beautiful interior isn’t made up of money only! A few good ideas and a nice esthetic touch, and you can create a beautiful interior with just a small budget!

Cottage kitchen remodel

You might have seen from the first pictures that the opening and closing of cupboards had an interesting solution. It’s not a budget solution, but a temporary one. I imagined a special thing with the kitchen furniture, but I’ll only have time for it later. One thing is for sure, I don’t want to greet next Spring with this string solution!

Cottage kitchen remodel

Finally, a few detailed pictures from the kitchen. Below the ceramic tiles will also be a part of the further development! The kitchen isn’t done yet, but I think that we’ve made a lot of progress with the water flowing out of the sink!

Cottage kitchen remodel

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Hello August!


Total time-warp. I love my kids and I love my work too, but this Summer I’m having a hard time reconciling the two. I feel like I can’t give my all to either topic and it’s not my favorite feeling. Of course this could also be because we haven’t had time to rest yet, especially without the kids. Unfortunately it seems the latter won’t even happen :(. But I am really excited for the family vacation! [Read more…]