#UJB March: Photographic Easter Egg Hunt


Didn’t I just finish my Urban Jungle Bloggers February post?? I’m shaking my head at how fast winter is melting away to such a beautiful Spring! Of course, I can’t say I’m very upset to witness the first signs of bloom, buds covering tree branches and the first snow lilies and violets poking their heads out of the ground. This season will be spent on a lot of outdoor gardening for a change. My sister and I are tackling the sizable yard outside of our places, and needless to say it’s a whole different beast. From growing proper ground cover, to building vegetable beds and composting, and picking out plants, there’s a million new and exciting considerations to make. Insert shameless plea for help here: I’d love any great blogs or websites you guys know about that cover outdoor gardening topics :)! [Read more…]

#UJB March: The Goose’s Golden Eggs



This month, Urban Jungle Bloggers challenged us with an Easter decoration theme. We had to photograph our plants with any Easter themed decoration and blog about it. Last year I was already very excited about golden eggs, but Myreille’s own golden eggs got there first, so in 2014 I demonstrated a pastel egg painting technique on the blog. [Read more…]

DIY Glitter Dipped Mason Jar


A few weeks ago, Reka and I were in the paint store to enhance our collection. I got richer with a gold, white, and glitter can. And this week I used the two gold paints to create an awesome, girly decoration that I’m going to use to store my cosmetic brushes! Here’s how I did it! [Read more…]

Papr!kum: Hungarian Design That Shakes Things Up! [Designer Portrait]

Paprikum 2

Peter Toronyi’s revolutionary spice cocktail mixer is visually stunning, and gastronomically quite exciting…It gives its wielders unprecedented control over the most important ingredient in any dish: the seasoning. But the story of the piece, and its designer, doesn’t stop there. Peter provided us with lovely insight that details the harmony of his designs and design process, and the unity of the pieces of his own story. Hungary’s hottest spice benefits from the unity of classic Hungarian design and everyday inspiration in this portrait — reading it will surely spice up your own day! [Read more…]

#take12trips: February is Paris!


For those who know me, you know that I really love to travel. Alone, with my family, with or without the kids…anything goes! In the past 3 years however, we haven’t been anywhere alone with my husband (not even a weekend at home! :$). So it was high time to spend time away from home, as a couple, or almost as just a couple….And it finally came through. We’ve been making these plans since November and in February we set forth. Our target destination was Paris!

[Read more…]