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UJB | The Moving Plant Gang


[For the Hungarian post please click here!] This months Urban Jungle Bloggers topic is Plant Gang! The challenge? Show off your own plant team.

You guys know, that right now I’m building a formidable army of succulents and cacti. These plants aren’t flowering yet, but I’m doing everything I can so that one of them, maybe even more, will amaze me with its colors! Of course I have other types as well, like my mini pendulous palm whose pendulous leaves I can’t wait to see.


Not long ago, the plant gang moved. As it got consistently warmer outside, I decided to move them out to the terrace. A few years ago, when I moved my Aloe Vera plants outside at summers end, the leaves got exponentially thicker and wider. I’m sure that the succulents, and most especially the cacti will love the heat of summer. Right now they still sit close to home for some protection from the cold nights!


Here’s my outdoor plant gang. Among them is my pruned monkey bread tree, that’s been putting out new leaves at lightning speed. I also have a little cactus that’s grown about five centimeters since its been with me these past two months. The baby berry cactus I bought accidentally rotten inside, and I’m trying to get its salvaged pieces to take root in the hopes that it will bulk up soon. My tall cactus I received not too long ago and it’s happy, you can already see its new sprouts. If you’re curious about propagation techniques, check out my propagation post!

UrbanJungleBloggers is a very special online community. Judith and Igor upkeep a green virtual community that encourages people to grow and care for indoor plants. Every month they post a topic, and every interested blogger is invited to post their pictures and blog posts relating to that topic. [For the Hungarian post please click here!]


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InStyle Instagram


To be honest, for a long time I kind of watched Instagram from afar, and posted a few pictures here and there. Somehow I never found it that exciting. In the most recent past however, I’ve found quite a few inspiring Instagrammers, that post incredible pictures. I started following them, and began clicking the Instagram icon on my phone with a bit more regularity. And soon I began to notice that I was posting more pictures. My Instagram is not the same as my Facebook or Pinterest. Each channel has its own type of content, and I share different things on them all. My Instagram is definitely my most personal channel: the here and now moments of my life. You can find pictures of my work, my weekdays and my time with my family on this channel.
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Summer Outfit for A Long Weekend

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Due to public demand, I’ve brought back the panyizsuzsi 100 outfits series, where I put together my own pieces, or ieces that can be found or ordered in Hungary. [Read more…]

DIY – Propagating Succulents from Leaves


I’ve fallen in love with succulents. At first I was just experimenting with  taking care of them. Because they can actually suffer damage quickly from being overwatered, I learned how to get the water levels down pat before I got started propagating them. In the first round, I cut little branches off of them and let them sprout in a shot glass. However, later on I discovered a great technique: propagating from leaves! [Read more…]