Hello July!


A month ago I said goodbye to a very boring May, and stood ready to welcome an exciting June iwth open arms!…and I always get what I want. Here are the stats of the past 30 days.

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I Thought I Knew How to Cook!


I love to cook. I’m a solid cook and baker, as my family and guests tell me. I’m really proud that experienced guests also compliment my food, who have ate across half of the world, at some pretty good restaurants. So I’m pretty proud of myself…Or I was. I never thought I had to go to a cooking course. But then as it happened, one of my children is gluten sensitive and I got scared about what I was going to cook?! Google immediately showed me the way. in the past two years I’ve cooked and baked quite a few times at the Miele Cooking School. These lessons helped me a lot in helping me better my daughter’s gastronomic world, and give her the chance to enjoy a full life while continuing to put bread, hamburger, or challah on the table. After that point I closed the cooking school question in my life. [Read more…]

Memories You Have to Make in Hévíz


Hévíz….Hey who? You may be asking right now. If so, I can’t blame you, it’s a fair question. Héviz is one of those well-known and beloved Hungarian resort spots that is wildly popular only amongst our parent’s generation and Russian tourists. Every young Hungarian knows of it, but probably doesn’t have real plans to visit it any time soon, opting instead for the far more dynamic shores of Balaton for a weekend getaway. But despite my Millenial age and non-Russianness, a few weeks ago my beau and I visited the healing waters of the Héviz lake. We wanted to have a quiet, serene few days to break up the mad rush of the week, and we had a wonderful time!

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3 Ways You Can Preserve Your Kids’ Creativity


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

– Picasso

Creativity is an important and determining factor in my life. I use it every da. It’s my livelihood and gives me life. Not just n jewelry design, but also in everyday life, problem solving, and that many other things. As a mother, I’m also very interested in childhood creativity. Kids aren’t squared away into labels and niches yet, and they’re not afraid to be curious and creative.

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A Brush With Brush Calligraphy!


Do you remember when I wrote about the mimi / events with love calligraphy workshop a few months ago? That’s exactly where and when I fell in love with this writing method. Since then, I write incessantly with dip pens and my girls are following my example. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new workshop on mimi’s page: brush calligraphy. I knew I would love it, and immediately wrote to Mimi about availability. I was in luck!

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