These 10. Women and Creators.


Creating, in the big letter sense of the word, can only be done by God. But he granted women with a special role. As if he was putting a bit of himself into them. They’re able to give life to children. They’re able to create homes out of houses. And they’re able to magic events into celebration.

Design Week has started here, and the theme is the HOME and the design and technology that has grown up around it. Everything that makes the house and housework easier and more comfortable.

I could write articles about the products of the biggest designers, or the latest life changing app by a startup. But I won’t. Design Week on the panyizsuzsi blog is always a special 10 days. Now I’m going to write about 10 women who are creating around us. The fashion world isn’t buzzing around them. Not yet at least. But fantastic things escape their hands. Quietly, slowly and often from HOME.

I want to invite you on a 10 day virtual tour. During Design Week’s 10 days, we’re visiting different Hungarian women’s studios for a conversation. We’ll check out their studios, their design processes and we’ll speak to them a bit about life as well. Let’s go! Who’s with me?


Hello September!


Hello September, I’ve been waiting for you! I’ve been waiting for you a lot! [Read more…]

The Summer Cottage Bedroom Renovation


The sole room in the Balaton wine cellar doesn’t hold many variable possibilities within itself. But I still felt like it could use a little facelift. First I thought about changing out the PVC panelling on the side, but with an eye on the budget, we put this idea on the backburner and went for a cheaper, but equally creative solution.

[Read more…]

The Perfect Souvenir From Budapest!


It started last summer, although silk isn’t really meant for the summer, but that was when the idea came to create something together with Borody Kriszta, silk painter, and founder of silk&more. During the first consultation, we just talked colors. Kriszta brought hers, and I brought mine. We put them together, and that many ideas were born. [Read more…]

My Glutenfree Apricot Dumpling Recipe


I promise I won’t become a gastroblogger, but this is a personal recipe that I experimented on for days for my gluten sensitive daughter. This version was so successful, that no one can tell that it’s not made of real flour unless I tell them. The difference lies in the ingredients and preparation. I’ve been making peach dumplings for years based on Fuszeres Eszter’s recipe, so this is where I started out. In my experience it’s not enough to substitute regular flour with gluten-free flour, because we end up with a dry, falling apart something — definitely not dumplings! Behold, the surefire, gluten-free peach dumpling! [Read more…]