I Attended #Hive15 and Here’s What You Should Know!


The Hive Conference

It’s my third year going to The Hive Conference, a gathering for digital storytellers, trendsetters and European bloggers. This year the conference was in Berlin again, at the Scandic Hotel at Potsdamer Platz which was a great choice, because it was incredibly accessible from the airport and provided great service!

The conference was preceded with delightful conversations at Microsoft’s Digital Eatery! This was a very special night. More than 100 bloggers were meeting, greeting and chatting throughout the entire evening. I met many old friends and made new ones as well of course — which is where I was met with quite an honor! Jana, one of this year’s speakers and the blogger behind Plique, gave positive feedback on the video we had posted just hours before, highlighting how well we told our family story which is where panyizsuzsi’s English little sister, bold.color.glass started. Reka and I have been working on this video for weeks, and it was finished just in time for panyizsuzsi’s YouTube channel.

The Hive Conference

The two new features of this year’s conference was the Book Lounge and the Beauty Bar. The Book Lounge was a huge bookshelf, where we could find books by or for bloggers. I was really happy about this, because I often order books online and it was an awesome opportunity to page through the books in real life and scout out my next purchases. The table had some cards where everyone could indicate which books they needed for their niche. The other kind gesture by Yvonne, the conference organizer, was the Phillips sponsored Beauty Bar where we could get our hair and make-up done by request. My favorite here was the velvet covered curling iron that the stylist used to curl my piles of hair in just moments! This is a great idea at a blog where tons of pictures are taken of the bloggers!

The Hive Conference

As goes the speakers, Jana from Plique left the biggest impression on me. Her presentation introduced a strong stance towards fashion and sustainability. I really enjoyed the topic because as a woman and small business owner, I place great importance on sustainability. At the same time the fashion industry finds it contrary to their interests and supplies only token solutions and superficial alternatives. I’m going to dig in to some research and write more blog posts about this topic!

My other big favorite was Niki, from My Scandinavian Home. Niki spoke about nurturing and growing an audience, and I was taken by her personality as well as her knowledge, which I felt the moment I met her at lunch! Thanks for presentation, I learned so much!

The Hive Conference

We also heard a rapid presentation by Instagram, followed by a massive Q&A session. Since then I’ve started looking at my Instagram account in a completely new way and I’m posting way more about my own life now, because there is beauty in every detail!

Hive had sponsors as well. Imagine brands that are there the entire time, and speak about their brand strategy and partnership opportunities. This year I picked the LEGO workshop. Their creative brand strategy inspired many new thoughts in me as well! Many brands chose to market through sponsoring the good bag as well, which was full of tons of DIY materials and trinkets. I was surprised with the amazing Edding markers that can be used on ceramics and glass, as well as dedicated Nutella, Holly Becker’s flower arrangement book, and Farrow and Ball paint samples!

The Hive Conference

This year, luckily I was not the only Hungarian at the conference! I was accompanied by Reka who write bold.color.glass, panyizsuzsi’s sister blog, and Anita the blogger behind Inspiraciok. At the conference I met Magdi from silksofine who is an expat Hungarian in Germany. Now I can’t hardly wait until next year’s conference!

The Hive Conference

It wasn’t just the four of us together during the breaks, I also met up with all of the bloggers I’ve met through the years and past conferences, and we shared experiences or planned future cooperations. This included Theia and Toni from SisterMag, whom I met at last year’s conference. You can’t forget them with their unique and picturesque style! The girls from Scandinavia Standard, Rebecca and Freya, are two well known energy bombs for me as well, and they’re doing an amazing job building up their blog for Scandinavians and ‘Scandi-philes!’ Niki, from My Scandinavian Home, that I had lunch with and who hypnotized me and the audience with her speech. And Nat and Tip from Apartment Diet are really cheerful people!

Last but most definitely not least, I was the luckiest girl to meet Ellen, a positively radiating human being who you can find at jesuishuck and Nike, a sustainable fashion blogger at goingweird.de.  What an inspiring, lovable and smart twosome of bloggers! I highly recommend all German readers to go check them out!

Until then, don’t worry, in a few weeks my video about the conference will be ready. Subscribe to the bold.color.glass YouTube channel to see it first!

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