Sparkle Wherever You Go


When I plan my jewelry, when I’m drawing, I think a lot about the woman, who You are, the ones that read my thoughts and wear my jewelry. [Read more…]

Urban Sidewalker Brings the Best of Budapest Home with You


Budapest is a city working hard to grow past its Eastern European ultra-kitsch roots and establish a fresh, contemporary scene to offer locals and tourists alike. And initiatives like Urban Sidewalker are working hard making that happen.

It started as a passion project that grew into much more than that…US is now a growing concept, driven to create a modern Budapest city souvenirs as an alternative to the masses of  overpriced embroidered tchotchkes. The US team introduced the first of many planned graphic designs this summer. Their highly detailed Budapest city map poster gives you a bird’s eye view of the city down to your favorite minutiae. The devil is absolutely in the details, from the beloved bike carriages on Margaret Island to the tiny people strolling the Buda hills and Pest squares.

Cofounder Mate Revay, told me a bit about about his take on the Budapest design scene, the future face of Budapest and Urban Sidewalker’s role in the big picture.

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Flora Pockets: Adorable Multipurpose Containers

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I recently got my Flora Pocket in the mail, and was pumped to find the perfect use for the pockets — the biggest “problem” I faced was the sheer amount of possibilities! In case you haven’t heard of these wunderkids of home decor, Flora Pockets are waterproof, durable, well-sized and colorful versatile pockets that you can hang anywhere and stuff with anything. Use them as anything from hanging pen holders, to portable kitchen gardens! [Read more…]

Free Printable Calendars for 2015


I love calendars, especially when they’re pretty. Every year I collect my favorite free calendar downloads. Here’s this years selection: [Read more…]

OOTD: Winter Blues


When it comes to the winter months, I’ll admit, I’m quite prone to wearing the same pair of dark jeans with a different blouse day in and day out, especially when I have so many layers + a parka on that no one’s the wiser.  But just because it’s dark out, doesn’t mean we need to dress for a 3-month long funeral. I’ve actually found that if I put two more minutes worth of effort into dressing in the morning, wearing bright, tropical accents goes far in lifting my cold, shivering spirits. This month while I was home in Buffalo over Christmas I thrifted a game changing find in the form of a long cobalt blue silk skirt. I love the texture, and the bright pop of color matched with leopard print booties immediately lifts me out of the wet Budapest streets and lands me on a sunny stroll in the Southern Hemisphere. At least a girl can dream.  [Read more…]