A Dip Into Krakow Design

Maybe it was the glowing autumnal colors of the fall foliage, or the reflecting red brick houses lining the streets, or just that deep Eastern European vibe that warms my soul like a good dose of Zubrowka, but I took a shine to Krakow from our first moments together. In the off times between concerts and installations I did some wandering, both alone and with some Slovakian travel mates…I didn’t have to go far to find things I didn’t know I was looking for.


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Urban Jungle Bloggers – October’s Plant Shelfie

urban jungle3

Zsuzsi had known about Urban Jungle Bloggers before but I only met with the blog styling initiative at Amsterdam. It’s a wonderful monthly challenge that invites bloggers to submit posts of plants based on a given theme — October’s was “Plant Shelfie,” a theme which simultaneously combines my love of puns and plants…I just had to post.  [Read more...]

Sometimes I make mistakes…




These days I have more to do with panyizsuzsi than ever before. Soon I’ll uncover the secret project, but it’s not the time for that yet. Momentarily all that I can reveal is that we’re preparing for a fashion event, where panyizsuzsi will also be present. This preparation comes with a lot of tasks that I’ve never done before, let alone well. I’m feeling it out, browsing, looking for good and bad examples, so that I can create my own opinion from these experiences. [Read more...]

The Sound of Unsound!


Nothing says prepared to travel like posting your pre travel blog post a day after you return home :).Despite my best efforts at preparing everything ahead of time, I got caught in a technology draught — I couldn’t post from the hostel! Now for a trip back in time… [Read more...]

Everyday Outlandish: DVA Butik


I first laid eyes on DVA Butik‘s eclectic, shiny, shimmery wares at a flea market in front of Telep, where I was also coincidentally selling some old threads and bags. It was love at first Frida Kahlo sweater and since then the Bling Bling shoes and wood shades have sealed the deal on our relationship. I reached out to founders Klaudia Csaki and Annamaria Kaptay to find out from whence this rad Budapest flower had sprung, and where it’s headed in the future. Yum.
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